Artwork of Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan with several 'Merican Yo-kai in St. Peanutsburg.

  1. 'Merican Yo-kai (Japanese: メリケン妖怪 Meriken Yōkai) are Yo-kai that hail from BBQ, that can be found in St. Peanutsburg and other places in Springdale. Their Yo-kai Medals can only be inserted into the Yo-kai Watch Model U and Yo-kai Watch Model Dream in order for them to be summoned.

'Merican Medals are red, much like the Classic Medals, except they're more vibrant in color. The backgrounds have a comic book aesthetic to them, with the names of the Yo-kai being put in a word bubble. In addition, the squares that contain the directional arrow and the Yo-kai tribe icon are instead made to resemble the American flag.

However, Tomnyan, the Koma Knomad duo (Knomad-Jiro and Knomad-Koma), Terminyanator, Supernyan, and Kaped Komander are the only 'Merican Yo-kai who have Dream Medals, which resemble poker chips, instead of 'Merican Medals.

List of 'Merican Yo-kai

'Merican Yo-kai Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Icon Yo-kai Rank Tribe Attri. Fav. Food
Usapyon Rank B icon Shady Tribe Ice icon Donuts
Usapyon Foot. Rank B icon Shady Tribe Lightning icon Donuts
Usapyon Scu. Rank B icon Shady Tribe Water icon Donuts
Usapyon G.I. Rank B icon Shady Tribe Earth icon Donuts
Usapyon Rac. Rank B icon Shady Tribe Wind icon Donuts
Usapyon B Rank B icon Shady Tribe Ice icon Donuts

'Merican Yo-kai Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Icon Yo-kai Rank Tribe Attri. Fav. Food
Goofball Brave Tribe Hot Dogs
Slugger Brave Tribe Hot Dogs
BBQvil Brave Tribe Meats
Hot Air Buffoon Brave Tribe Hot Dogs
Shurikenny Brave Tribe Sushi
Nunchucky Brave Tribe Sushi
Zip Unlock Mysterious Tribe Donuts
Chicken Chukket Mysterious Tribe Ice Cream
Cornfused Mysterious Tribe Donuts
Unshelltered Mysterious Tribe Bread
House Partay Mysterious Tribe Pizza
Skulleidoscope Mysterious Tribe Ice Cream
Lionguist Mysterious Tribe Pizza
Imagenius Mysterious Tribe Ice Cream
Miss Teri Mysterious Tribe Pasta
Squandeer Mysterious Tribe Pasta
Agent Spect-hare Mysterious Tribe Sweets
Snow Spect-hare Mysterious Tribe Sweets
Oh Wheel Tough Tribe Donuts
Roughgraff Tough Tribe Hot Dogs
Chilled Cowcao Tough Tribe Candy
Stircrazy Stu Tough Tribe Meats
Oh Bah Gah! Tough Tribe Hamburgers
Speedemountain Tough Tribe Curry
Shipshape Sailor Tough Tribe Donuts
Admirable Admiral Tough Tribe Donuts
Sing Kong Tough Tribe Hot Dogs
Steaking Tough Tribe Meats
Showbonyan Tough Tribe Chocobars
The Jawsome Kid Tough Tribe Hot Dogs
El Sharkador Tough Tribe Hot Dogs
Silver Lining Tough Tribe Sushi
Petty-Cake Charming Tribe Sweets
Hoppy-go-Lucky Charming Tribe Vegetables
Buttered Blue Charming Tribe Milk
Punching Baguette Charming Tribe Milk
Unbelievaboy! Charming Tribe Snacks
Unbearaboy! Charming Tribe Snacks
Inflammaboy! Charming Tribe Snacks
Runsure Charming Tribe Hot Dogs
Kittylumbus Charming Tribe Seafood
Zest-a-Minute Charming Tribe Sweets
Stinkeye Charming Tribe Pizza
Slackoon Charming Tribe Juice
Puppiccino Charming Tribe Juice
Tomnyan Charming Tribe Mega Tasty Bar
Koma Knomads* Charming Tribe Ice Cream
In-Tune Heartful Tribe Pasta
Supersize Gramps Heartful Tribe Meats
Afronaut Heartful Tribe Donuts
Tomorrow Gal Heartful Tribe Ice Cream
Lazy Sundae Heartful Tribe Ice Cream
Got It Maid Heartful Tribe Pasta
Right Brothers Heartful Tribe Hot Dogs
Tattlecakes Heartful Tribe Milk
Pearly White Heartful Tribe Tempura
Double Time Heartful Tribe Pizza
Sonic Bam Heartful Tribe Pizza
Treetter Shady Tribe Pizza
Retreeter Shady Tribe Pizza
Salty Bacon Shady Tribe Hot Dogs
Indexter Shady Tribe Pizza
Hack King Shady Tribe Pizza
Crook-a-doodle Shady Tribe Pizza
Rocky Badboya Shady Tribe Hot Dogs
Injurnalist Shady Tribe Ice Cream
Lil Kappa Shady Tribe Hamburgers
Dr. E. Raser Shady Tribe Tempura
Dr. Nocturne Shady Tribe Tempura
Tie-red Eerie Tribe Milk
Love-Torn Eerie Tribe Hamburgers
Grubbles Eerie Tribe Ice Cream
Nervous Rex Eerie Tribe Hot Dogs
Oridjinn Eerie Tribe Pizza
Horridjinn Eerie Tribe Pizza
Little Charrmer Eerie Tribe Tempura
Snailspace Slippery Tribe Seafood
Putasockinit Slippery Tribe Pasta
Snidewinder Slippery Tribe Pasta
OMGator Slippery Tribe Meats
Nautaloss Slippery Tribe Seafood
T-Wrecks Slippery Tribe Hot Dogs
D-Stroy Slippery Tribe Hot Dogs
Clodzilla Slippery Tribe Hot Dogs
Cocobanana Slippery Tribe Sweets
King Jibanyan Charming Tribe Chocobars
Queen Usapyon Shady Tribe Donuts
Jackomasan Charming Tribe Ice Cream
Komajiro Ten Charming Tribe Milk
Acenyan Brave Tribe Seafood
Josper Slippery Tribe Ice Cream
Terminyanator Tough Tribe Chocobars
Supernyan Brave Tribe Chocobars
Judgebrick Tough Tribe Sushi
Venoctobot Tough Tribe Seafood
Kyubot Tough Tribe Oden
Deadcool Charming Tribe Sukiyaki
Sweattuce Heartful Tribe Vegetables
Amplifly Heartful Tribe Snacks
My-Baaad Shady Tribe Ice Cream
Kaped Komander Shady Tribe Ice Cream
Tofupyon Shady Tribe Sukiyaki
Gorgeous Ambassador Shady Tribe Tempura

'Merican Yo-kai Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters 2

Icon Yo-kai Rank Tribe Attri. Fav. Food
Treasure USApyon Shady Tribe

Other 'Merican Yo-kai

'Merican Yo-kai Introduced in Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Yo-kai Name Rank Tribe Attri. Fav. Food

'Merican Yo-kai Introduced in Yo-kai Watch World

Icon Yo-kai Rank Tribe Attri.
Omatsuri Rabby Mysterious Tribe
Cho Tokkyu USApyon Shady Tribe
Jidaraccoon Charming Tribe
Kaguya USApyon Shady Tribe
Futenecolumbus Charming Tribe
Hallowhis Slippery Tribe
Holy Rabby Mysterious Tribe
USApyon Santa Shady Tribe
Christmas Treet Shady Tribe
Masshirocake Charming Tribe
Salarydon Slippery Tribe
MOO Kaeri Tie Eerie Tribe
Kohaku USApyon Shady Tribe
Haregi Rabby Mysterious Tribe
USAchoco Shady Tribe
Iwai Robonyan USA Tough Tribe
USAcake Shady Tribe
1st Anniversary USApyon Shady Tribe
Dress Bunny Mint Mysterious Tribe
Manatsu no Warunorin Charming Tribe
Summer The Shark Slippery Tribe
Summer Shakurero Slippery Tribe
Midsummer no Snow Rabby Mysterious Tribe
Mao USATAN Shady Tribe
Halloween Bunny Mysterious Tribe
Myccar GOGO Tough Tribe
Sokoniyama Girl Heartful Tribe
Sukkarakan Tough Tribe
Turkey Inchicken Shady Tribe
Santae Papa Heartful Tribe
St. Boya Charming Tribe
Tomnyan Santa Charming Tribe
Shinshun Bunny Mint Mysterious Tribe


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese メリケン妖怪 Meriken Yōkai
Flag of Germany German Merikka Yokai
Flag of Italy Italian Yo-kai 'Merican

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