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Alistair (Japanese: 高城イツキ Takashiro Itsuki) is a character that appears as Major deuteragonist in M05 and is a supporting character in Yo-kai Watch 4. He owns the Yo-kai Watch Elda God, which allows him to summon Shadowside Yo-kai that have powerful Godside forms.

He, along with Shien end up becoming fused incarnations of Lord Enma after he sacrifices his life to defeat Overseer.


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In the anime

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Prior Events

Kikuri-hime meeting Alistair in the afterlife.

One day, Alistair suddenly notices his sister acting out of insanity which made her run to the top of a construction site. He tries to save his sister from jumping off the unfinished building, but Alistair also loses his life where he ended up jumping with her. In the afterlife, he meets a spiritual being named Kukuri-hime where she tells Alistair that his sister had her soul taken by a Yo-kai, and explains all about them.

Alistair suddenly regrets his actions about trying to save his sister towards Kukuri-hime, but the Yo-kai gives Alistair another chance to save his sister as long as he forms a friendship with somebody along the way. Kikuri-hime uses her power to temporarily resurrect Alistair as a ghost, while he vows to follow her task.


Just when a boy named Jack Cobbler was about to drown himself, Alistair stops him from doing it. He later reveals to Jack about the existence of Yo-kai and how a Yo-kai killed his sister.

He and Jack are joined forces with Tae and defeat Yamanba to try to get the Yo-kai Watch. Jack and Alistair become best friends.

Jack and Tae find out that Alistair isn't alive.

Eventually he and the others end up in the Yo-kai World where a contest is being held, a competition to decide on who will be the next Enma.

Alistair and the others join the competition. After Shien intervenes on their win, he tries to kill Jack, by throwing Enma the Ancient's sword at them, however Alistair pushes Jack out of the way.

It is because of this, it is finally revealed that Alistair had actually died with his sister when trying to save her. However he was temporarily brought back to life as a ghost by Kukuri-hime.

His soul later then fuses with Shien and they become Yasha Enma who is then later is reincarnated into Enma.


Itsuki is a gender neutral name that can be used for people of any gender. If written in kanji it can mean any of the following: "spring trees", , "purification" or "Buddhist food", 維月, "fiber, moon", 伊月, "that one, moon".

Alistair is a Scottish Masculine name meaning "Warrior".



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 高城イツキ Takashiro Itsuki
Flag of France.svg French Daniel
Flag of Germany.svg German Julius