Angela is a character from Yo-kai Watch 3, as well as from season 3 of the anime series. She is in same class as Hailey Anne (5-1).


She is a girl of around the same height and age as Hailey Anne. She has pale skin and slit eyes. Her hair is dark blue with front and side bangs and held back in a short ponytail.

She wears a light-blue blouse with long sleeves and a white collar. She also wears a long dark-blue skirt.


She seems to be very caring and polite, yet a bit shy. She is also good at fortune-telling.


Yo-kai Watch anime

She plays a minor role in several episodes of season 3.

Yo-kai Watch 3

She can be found inside Soba Sensation, Sparkopolis, where she tells the player that she loves noodles the most and that she often comes here while her mother is at work in the same area.


  • She is in the health clerk sections along with Logan, as revealed in episode 139.

In other languages

  • Japanese: 占部こよみ Koyomi Urabe
  • Italian: Angelina
  • German: Penelope
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