Are Bacchino (Japanese: アレ・バッチーノ Are Bacchīno) is a Rank A, Wind attribute Yo-kai of the Shady Tribe.



Are Bacchino is a blue skinned humanoid Yo-kai with blond hair, prominently-defined facial features and purple lips. He wears a black suit with a white handkerchief folded in the left pocket.

In the anime, Are Bacchino is a clean-obsessed individual, to the point that he threw his attempt to coerce Indiana Jaws in his home to complete the Yoderusen Book for stopping at cleaning Indy Jaws' room, and he occasionally uses his handkerchief to clean himself. He is also a shady character, luring Indiana Jaws to hunt the Treasure Yo-kai and their emblems to further his boss, Gyan Amakano's, agenda.


Yo-kai Watch Animation Series

Are Bacchino showed up after one of Indiana Jaws' classes to invite the shark Yo-kai to search for the Treasure Yo-kai by showing him Yodersen's Fossil medal and a Treasure Map, only to be retorted by Indiana Jaws by saying that he is an "air adventurer". After stealthily observing Jaws nevertheless setting into a real adventure to revert his sister Cindy Jaws to her Yo-kai form, he scatters several treasure maps, some of them being found by Jibanyan T, Komasan T, and Zomboy.

After Indy and his team obtain Zappadokkia's Medal and emblem, Are Bacchino appears and steals the Yodersen Book; however, upon realizing that it is still not complete, he sneaks into Indy's house to try to get him to fulfill it completely. Unfortunately for his plan, his clean-obsessive tendencies play against him by stopping to clean Indy's room, which leads to him being caught in such an unfortunate time by Indy Jaws, forcing him to flee leaving the book behind. On his way back, he gets a call from his boss.

After Yodersen is finally summoned, Are Bacchino suddenly appears and reveals to the heroes that he lied about Yodersen's powers from the beginning, and subdues Yodersen before taunting them to confront his boss, Gyan Amakano. In Satokivino, the pair of villains appear before them and command Yodersen to attack them, and later, turn Cindy Jaws into a sugar plant. After Yodersen transports both sides to his inner world in the book, the heroes eventually regain all emblems and defeat Amakano, leaving both him and Bacchino imprisoned into the book.

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2

Are Bacchino can rarely be recruited after clearing the "Are Bacchino-hen Dungeon 2".



Are Bacchino may be based on the famous actor Al Pacino. Bacchino being dressed as and forming part of a mafia is a reference to Pacino's roles in The Godfather movie series. Are Bachino also translates to "That's Dirty!", referencing his dislike of unclean things.


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