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Atsushi Kamamoto
窯元 熱, Kamamoto Atsushi



Debuted in SS015
Japanese VA Masashi Yabe

Atsushi Kamamoto (Japanese: 窯元熱 Kamamoto Atsushi), also known as Kamadouma (Japanese: 窯ドウ魔 Kamadouma), is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Onnen tribe.


In his Lightside form, Atsushi Kamamoto is a humanoid Yo-kai, with pale purple skin, blue lips, and eyes that have yellow irises and purple scleras.

He wears an orange shirt with a yellow tie and a black jacket over it, as well as purple, pin-striped pants, and white, pointy shoes.

In his Shadowside form, Kamadouma, he becomes a large, insect-like Yo-kai with a backside that resembles pottery.


Yo-kai Watch Shadowside animation series

Decades before the events of the series, Kamamoto used to be a human who worked as a potter, before becoming enamored with the idol industry, thus quitting his job to become a producer.

After a few successes, his idol group was quickly overshadowed by Next HarMEOWny, and the resulting sadness and anger managed to turn him into a Yo-kai.

In SS015, he is shown to be turning girls into dolls in order to control them, so he can try to build a perfect idol group.

In SS020, Atushi Kamamoto is summoned, along with Natsume's other Yo-kai friends, in order to watch Filmlin's movie. When the movie begins, he runs out of the room due to the scariness of the movie.


Atsushi Kamamoto is a play on Yasushi Akimoto, and combines atsui (Japanese: 熱い "hot") and kamamoto (Japanese: 窯元 "pottery").

Kamadouma comes from (Japanese: 𥧄 kamado, "furnace, kiln, oven"), (Japanese: 𥧄馬 kamadouma, "cave cricket", translated to "furnace horse") and (Japanese: ma, "demon").


Atsushi Kamamoto is a parody of Yasushi Akimoto; the creator and producer of several idol groups such as AKB48, which Next HarMEOWny is based on.

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