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Attacks (Japanese: こうげき Kougeki) are one of four types of moves Yo-kai can use in the video games. They are offensive moves that will always deal neutral damage. based on the Yo-kai's Strength stat. Yo-kai with a Grouchy or Rough attitude are more likely to select their Attack during battles. Using Hidden Hits will increase an Attack's power, up to a cap.

Attacks introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Yo-kai Attack Power
Hit 20-44
Shoot 30-105
Slap 30-105
Squish 20
Bite 30-105
Body Bash 20
Headsmack 30-105
Kick 30-105
Pesky Poke 30-105
Punch 30-105
Stepping Slice 30-105
Sharp Claws 15-52x2
Rocket Punch 70

Attacks introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Yo-kai Attack Power
Bowshot 20-44
Slurp 50-110
Spray 40-88

Attacks introduced in Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Yo-kai Attack Power
Cupid's Arrow 25
Laser Beam 35
Charged Shot 50
Attack 50
Triple Attack 30
Blitz Attack 25
Dash Attack 80
Fall-Back Attack 70
Charged Attack 80
Power Attack 100
Mighty Attack 400
Shockwave Stomp 120

Attacks Moves introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Yo-kai Attack Power
Card 35-72
Throw 60-132

Attacks Moves introduced in Yo-kai Watch Sangokushi

Yo-kai Attack Power
Tenko Pebble Throw 15
Oda Nobunyaga Geten 50

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English Name Japanese Name Power Yo-kai
Pinpoint Pierce Kyūsho-zuki (きゅうしょづき)

tr. "Vital Thrust"

One-Two Punch One-Two Punch (ワンツーパンチ) 15-33x2
Pointy Pokes Midarezuki (みだれづき)

tr. "Wild Thrusts"

Double Slice Tsubame-gaeshi (つばめがえし)

tr. "Turning Swallow"

Beat Buttataku (ぶったたく)

tr. "Pummel"

Smack Down Haritaosu (はりたおす)

tr. "Knock Down"

Chomp Kuraitsuku (くらいつく)

tr. "Bite Down"

Batter Mettauchi (めったうち)

tr. "Batter"

Guns Blazing Uchimakuri (うちまくり)

tr. "Salvo"

Power Punch Bunnaguru (ぶんなぐる)

tr. "Wallop"

Ventilator Kaza'ana-ake (風穴あけ)

tr. "Puncture"

Stab Storm Shippū-zuki (疾風づき)

tr. "Swift Thrusts"

Headbutt Headbutt (ヘッドバット) 55-121
Flip Kick Abise-geri (あびせげり)

tr. "Heel Kick"

Ninja Star Shuriken (しゅりけん) 60-90
Palm Strike Tsuppari* (つっぱり) 60-90
Steamroll Konagona-tsubushi (こなごなつぶし)

tr. "Smash To Pieces"

Tackle Tackle (タックル) 60-90
Throw Nageru (投げる) 60-132
Meteor Punch Ryūsei Punch (流星パンチ)

tr. "Meteor Punch"

Lightning Slash Senkō-giri (閃光ぎり)

tr. "Flash Cut"

20-44x3 (YW1-2)
24x3 (YW3)
Clobber Dokuro-wari (ドクロ割り)

tr. "Skull Splitter"

Fullswing Fullswing (フルスイング) 80-120
Maul Kamichigiru (かみちぎる)

tr. "Bite Off"

Practiced Punch Seikenzuki** (正拳突き) 90-135
Earthsplitter Chikyū-wari (地球わり)

tr. "Earth-splitter"

Bone Crusher Hone-kudaki (骨くだき)

tr. "Bone Crusher"

Nasty Kick Jigoku-geri (地獄げり)

tr. "Kick To Hell"

Tail Slap Shippo-uchi (しっぽうち)

tr. "Tail Strike"

Headbuster Nōten-kachiwari (脳天かちわり)

tr. "Head Smasher"


*: A sumo technique consisting of rapid open palm thrusts.

**: A karate technique consisting of a straight punch thrown from the basic hachiji-dachi stance.


  • Double Slice's Japanese name, Tsubame-gaeshi, references the signature technique of legendary master swordsman Sasaki Kojirō: it slashed the target twice rapidly, drawing a swallow tail pattern through the air. Incidentally, the Pokémon move Aerial Ace shares the same Japanese name.
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