BBQ (Japanese: USA (ユー エス エー) Yū Esu Ē) is a fictitious country present in the Yo-kai Watch franchise. As the Japanese name implies, it's literally the United States of America, which features aesthetics from that country.

It is first mentioned in Yo-kai Watch Blasters where the trip for winning the Blasters contest would be a trip to BBQ, and later makes a full appearance in Yo-kai Watch 3, where Nate's family moves there due to his father relocating his work abroad.

'Merican Yo-kai hail from this country, including Tomnyan and the Koma Knomads whom are counterparts to Jibanyan and Komasan and Komajiro, respectively.


Video games


In Yo-kai Watch 3, the player can access two main areas, St. Peanutsburg and Dukesville. St. Peanutsburg contains 4 areas; Northbeech, Southmond, East Pine, and Meadowbrooke Farm. Gloombell Forest and the Hazeltine Manison are minor areas within BBQ.

The currency used in BBQ are called "BBBucks" (BBuck.png) (Dollars in the Japanese version and other localizations), which has the symbol of a "B" with two vertical strikes through them.


In the anime

Northbeech as it appears in the anime series.

BBQ makes a brief appearance in Christmas Blackout! Time for a Yo-kai Watch Upgrade! where Mark Orckerberg was lured to a dolphin show there by Duke Doggy and Aristokat, when the blackout happened back in Springdale.

Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan travel to BBQ via Mirapo to find out about Mark, by getting to Yopple HQ only for him to not be there. When they give up on finding Mark, they eventually find him at the dolphin show.

The country appears again in the Komarly Hills 90210 segments, this time with an anime-only location called Komarly Hills.


  • The adjectival form of BBQ is "BBQan", according to the item description of the Mega Tasty Bar.
  • BBQ is known for having its very own anthem, which goes as follows:
    • BBQ, oh BBQ, where every soul is free!
    • We soar like headstrong eagles to spread our love of thee!
    • The land of the proud, the strong, the few, that's our great BBQ!
  • When Yo-kai Watch 3 was localized in English, the setting for BBQ was changed dialogue-wise to make more based in the Deep South, implying that Springdale may have been based in a more northern part of the USA. This resulted in some scenes, like Lionguist's inspiriting being changed to learn accents and slang rather than a foreign language.
    • That is not the case in other European languages, as they follow a closer translation from the Japanese version just with Springdale being set in Central Europe.
  • In the English dub of the anime, when Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan travel to St. Peanutsburg in EP098, BBQ is referred to as West Coast, as it's implied in earlier episodes that Springdale is located on the East Coast.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese USA (ユー・エス・エー) From the acronym for "United States of America."
Flag of France.svg French USA Derived from the Japanese name.
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish USA Derived from the Japanese name.
Flag of Germany.svg German USA Derived from the Japanese name.
Flag of Italy.svg Italian USA Derived from the Japanese name.
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