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BBQvil (Japanese: ニクヤ鬼 Nikuyaki) is a Rank C, Fire-attribute Merican Yo-kai of the Brave tribe.



BBQvil is a stout-built neck-less humanoid Yo-kai with a black unitard with red flames from the waist down and a crossbones-like design on his back that lead to black tiny shoes. He has beady eyes with yellowish sclera, a spherical nose, dull teal hair, a thin mustache, and short horns jutting from his skull, with some chest hair.

BBQvil also has two giant skewers with giant slabs of grilled meat skewered onto them.

Anyone inspirited by this Yo-kai will love meat to an almost zealous degree, and become bombastic about it and BBQ.


Yo-kai Watch 3

BBQvil can be found in East Pine.

He can also be found in the area behind the Hotel in East Pine and in the Bada-Bing Tower.

Lastly, he can be freed from the Dream Roulette with a Red Coin.

Yo-kai Watch Animated Series

After a long day of exploring his new town, making new friends at school and fighting new Yo-kai, Nate comes in EP132 home to a BBQ dinner and its revealed that his dad is inspirited again, this time by BBQvil. Instead of fighting him, Whisper instead suggests to let the Inspiriting effects last so they can all enjoy some American-styled shish-kabob BBQ.

Game Stats


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Beat (Japanese: ぶったたく Buttataku) 35-77 Single enemy
Reduces foe's guard effect.
Technique Fire (Japanese: 火花の術 Hibana no Jutsu) 30-105 Fire Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Meat Nutrients (Japanese: お肉の栄養 Oniku no Eiyō) Single ally
The Inspirited Yo-kai increases STR with the nutrition values of juicy meat.
Soultimate Move Meat, Please! Meat! (Japanese: プリーズプリーズ肉! Please Please Niku!) Restoration Self
Powers up and restores HP by feasting on highly nutritious meat.
Skill High Steaks (Japanese: お肉 Oniku)
Restores HP once when in trouble.


  • "Nikuyaki" is a kanji placement swap of yakiniku (Japanese: 焼肉), a Japanese catch-all term for grilled meat dishes, with the "ki" kana turning into a homophone for "oni".
  • "Barbacoo" combines "Barbacoa" (Barbecue) and "Oni".
  • "Barbecrudel" combines "Barbecue" and "Crudele" (cruel).
  • "Grilluminati" is a pun on Grill and Illuminati.

BBQvil is portmantaue of BBQ an abrivation of Barbecue and Devil. His name could translate into Barbecuevil.


In other languages

  • German: Grilluminati
  • Italian: Barbecrudel
  • Spanish: Barbacoo
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