Bitter Batter (Japanese: たこうらみ Takorami) is a Fire-attribute Rank C Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.



Bitter Batter has black beetle hair and a stick sticking out of it. After it's orange and yellow round head with red swirls, eyes with red sclera and yellow pupils, and an odd looking red round mouth, the bottom part of it's body is a takoyaki with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. Under the second layer, comes out eight octopus tentacles which are used for walking and running.

Bitter Batter was formed from the chopped octopus bits that never became takoyaki, a Japanese dish of octopus balls. Because of this he has a bitter grudge (hence his name) with the choppers and the bits that become takoyaki. Also, his ability is to make the octopus that is used to make takoyaki go missing, giving the takoyaki a weird taste.


Yo-kai Watch 3

Bitter Batter can be found in Shoppers Row.

He can also be found in the Shopping Street Narrows.


Takorami(蛸恨み) literally means "octopus grudge", referring to the chopped octopus bits that never became part of takoyaki.

Bitter Batter refers to how it is a hunk of takoyaki batter with a bitter grudge. It is also a reference to the tongue twister "Betty Botter"/"The Butter Betty Bought."

In the anime

Bitter Batter appeared in EP135 at a festival. He made the octopus made to be in the takoyaki octopus balls bounce off the tray. When Nate and Whisper find out about him, he reveals that all he wanted to be was delicious octopus ball instead of an angry Yo-kai. Robonyan is summoned and he, along with many other Yo-kai including Hungramps and Grubsnitch, crisp him and he became known by the gag name “Takosenbei“ (from tako, meaning cracker).


See Takoyakid#Origin



The original design for Bitter Batter seen in an episode of Kagaijugyō Yōkososenpai.

  • Bitter Batter and Slippy were originally designed by students of Class 5-2 in Omuta Municipal Ginsui Elementary School, which was broadcasted on Japanese variety program Kagaijugyō Yōkososenpai in August 2015.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese たこうらみ Literally means "octopus grudge".
Flag of France French Poulpétard Comes from Poulpe (Octopus) and Pétard (Firecracker).
Flag of Spain Spanish Tentanfadado
Flag of Germany German Krakolerik
Flag of Italy Italian Invipolpo
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