The Blasters House is the headquarters of the Yo-kai Watch Blasters. It is located in New Yo-kai City and owned by Master Nyada and the Blasters Association.


Yo-kai World


Yo-kai Watch Blasters

The Blasters House has 6 floors. The first floor is used as a garage for the blasters mobile. Though Blizzie can be found on the front desk talking to her can give the player various apps. There's also the dancing trio talking to them that can give many options like to scan Qr codes. In the basement, the player can connect to the internet to fight other players. There's also a secret room that can be unlocked by obtaining a costume like Jibanyan B and Komasan B and equip them. On the second floor, there is a shop with Dimmy which sells different blasters equipment and the golden egg. Signatory sells different pieces of Equipment to equip for the players Yo-kai. Additionally, there's a gym on the second-floor Nekidspeed that can level up the players Yo-kai for Oni orbs. He can also Evolve and fuse the many Yo-kai. the Monk can also be there and can make Soul Gems from the players Yo-kai.On the third floor is where the player can equip and swap Yo-kai from the player's team.on The Fourth floor, the player can access Three types of Quest from Sgt. Burly. The mission are the regular story Quests. Patrol is where the player can access many mini-missions. Last, there's Boss Rush where the player can fight different Bosses. On the Roof, The player can find Houzzat, which lets the player change the look of the Blasters House. There are also three Crank-a-kai's. The normal one is shown there from the start. The Oni crank is gotten by completing chapter 6. It Runs on Oni Orbs. Lastly, there's the Lucky Crank which is obtained by defeating Kat Kraydel. It runs on Lucky coins

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2

"Yo-kai Watch 3"

The Blasters House returns in Yo-kai Watch 3. It's used to run away from the Ghoulies. Then the blaster's team assembles to fight them. In the basement the players able to fight Hovernyan S.

Interior change

In Yo-kai Watch Blasters the player was able to change the look of the Blasters House. By talking to Houzzat. Once getting this ability the player gets the chance to make the Blaster House into a poppy style for 20,000 oni orbs

Blaster House Members


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