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Lily8763cp Lily8763cp 6 September 2021

List of Yo-kai Watch 3 Busters T "Skills"

Decided to make this a blog post since...I don't know tbh, just felt like it compared to making yet another side page.

Someone over a week ago asked if I could make a list of all Busters T skills (as in the A, X, Y abilities, not the ability skills, at least, I believe that is what they meant when asking) for reference, and I've decided to do so. Translation..."effort" will be somewhat different between skills because I initially copy/pasted what I've added in articles already before opening up my copy for the rest.

I don't currently have EVERY Yo-kai in my 3 copy (I think there's more unique Yo-kai than slots for Yo-kai, thinking about it), so there is the off chance one of those few Yo-kai have a unique skill, but this should contain effec…

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FizzyChalice FizzyChalice 5 September 2021

Good evening

Good evening

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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 17 June 2021

Yo-kai Watch World Souvenirs

  • 1 Hokkaido
  • 2 Aomori Prefecture
  • 3 Iwate Prefecture
  • 4 Miyagi Prefecture
  • 5 Akita Prefecture
  • 6 Yamagata Prefecture
  • 7 Fukushima Prefecture
  • 8 Ibaraki Prefecture
  • 9 Tochigi Prefecture
  • 10 Gunma Prefecture
  • 11 Saitama Prefecture
  • 12 Chiba Prefecture
  • 13 Tokyo
  • 14 Kanagawa Prefecture
  • 15 Niigata Prefecture
  • 16 Toyama Prefecture
  • 17 Ishikawa Prefecture
  • 18 Fukui Prefecture
  • 19 Yamanashi Prefecture
  • 20 Nagano Prefecture
  • 21 Gifu Prefecture
  • 22 Shizuoka Prefecture
  • 23 Aichi Prefecture
  • 24 Mie Prefecture
  • 25 Shiga Prefecture
  • 26 Kyoto Prefecture
  • 27 Osaka Prefecture
  • 28 Hyogo Prefecture
  • 29 Nara Prefecture
  • 30 Wakayama Prefecture
  • 31 Tottori Prefecture
  • 32 Shimane Prefecture
  • 33 Okayama Prefecture
  • 34 Hiroshima Prefecture
  • 35 Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • 36 Tokushima Prefecture
  • 37 Kagawa Prefecture
  • 38 Ehime Prefecture
  • 39 Kochi Prefecture
  • 40 Fukuoka Prefecture
  • 41 Sag…
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Yo-kai Heroes OCs

  • 1 Zodiac (Alien/Majin Watch)
  • 2 Chinese Zodiac
  • 3 Nyan Yo-kai
  • 4 Gemnyan
  • 5 Fruitnyan

  •  ??? (Aries)
  •  ??? (Taurus)
  •  ??? (Gemini)
  •  ??? (Cancer)
  •  ??? (Leo)
  •  ??? (Virgo)
  •  ??? (Libra)
  •  ??? (Scorpio)
  •  ??? (Sagittarius)
  •  ??? (Capricorn)
  •  ??? (Aquarius)
  •  ??? (Pieces)

??? (Ox)

  • Yo-kai: Moolinda

??? (Tiger)

  • Yo-kai: Kogasho Kojin

??? (Rabbit)

  • Yo-kai: Agent Spect-hare

??? (Dragon)

  • Yo-kai: El Dorago

??? (Snake)

  • Yo-kai: Snidewinder

??? (Horse)

  • Yo-kai: Neighthan

??? (Goat)

  • Yo-kai: Groupus Khan

??? (Monkey)

  • Yo-kai: Konsaru

??? (Rooster)

  • Yo-kai: Crook-a-doodle

??? (Dog)

  • Yo-kai: Shurakoma (Shadowside)

??? (Boar)

  • Yo-kai: Snortlehog

??? (Rat)

  • Yo-kai: Tyrat


  • Yo-kai: Robonyan F


  • Yo-kai: Sailornyan


  • Yo-kai: Machonyan


  • Yo-kai: Sir Nyansalot


  • Yo-kai: Maginyan

??? (Diamond)

??? (Emerald)

??? (Ruby)

??? (Sapphire)


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Quinnstinksatblasters Quinnstinksatblasters 26 May 2021

Why should YOU switch to psychic specters

By the time of this blog.Yo kai watch 2 is dead. But their are so much more things to do. If yo dint switch to psychic specters there are a ton of more content to play like the new mystery way or befriending oni or fighting new bosses physic specters is the best.

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Lily8763cp Lily8763cp 18 May 2021

Why I Edit How I Do

This is simply a blog relating to my edit system which I am making as a "response" to certain people editing things. This will include how I typically edit with commentary in between * to say what I'd change for a "perfect" page, even if it doesn't match the "current" rules. My example will be with a Yo-kai I edited recently, Chimpanyan.

  • 1 Chimpanyan Example
  • 2 Appearances
    • 2.1 Video games
    • 2.2 Anime series
  • 3 Biology
  • 4 Profile
    • 4.1 Yo-kai Watch Blasters
    • 4.2 Yo-kai Watch 3
    • 4.3 Yo-kai Watch Busters 2
    • 4.4 Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble
  • 5 Game data
    • 5.1 Main series games data
      • 5.1.1 Yo-kai Watch 3
        • Blasters Stats
    • 5.2 Attribute tolerance
    • 5.3 Held items
    • 5.4 Locations
      • 5.4.1 Main series games
      • 5.4.2 Spin-off games
    • 5.5 Spin-off games
      • 5.5.1 Yo-kai Watch Blasters
      • 5.5.2 Yo-kai Watch Busters 2
    • 5.6 Ot…

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KomariKo KomariKo 5 May 2021

Favorite Yōkai

1 Gusto/Nekomata

2 Suiko/Tigrapa

3GachinKozo/Guerrero Güey

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 6 April 2021

Smash heroes concepts

This is just a text based blog as i have no illustrative tool on my ipad.

So, I returned to this wiki after going awol for a while, then found out about the Yo-kai Heroes roster involving Classic Yo-kai. This gave me the idea to apply this to the Smash Cast. This is highly speculative, go ahead and roast me in the comments.

During the tranformation sequence, a portion of Lifelight can be heard. After the transformation is finished, the frame is illustrated in the style of a particular game.

  • ChoZMaru:A combination of Mario and Jinpei Jiba. He will appear as a yellow skinned cat with Jibanyan's cut ear mark, but wearing a palette reversed version of Mario's overalls. His abilities involve jumping and attacks similar to many Mario power ups. He …

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 12 March 2021

What if Kengo Benimaru got into Smash

This is a parpdy of Brawlfan1's series, but dedicated to Yo kai watch.

Kengo Benimaru would be a middleweight character. To reflect the YSP powers, he would have 3 jumps and be able to wall jump.

  • Jab:Does 2 quick sword swings to the front.
  • Forward Tilt:Same as Hero, a forward overhead slash.
  • Up Tilt:Swings his sword overhead in an arc akin to Sephiroths Up Smash, but with less range and power.
  • Down Tilt:Swings his blade downward around him.
  • Dash Attack:Stabs straight forward when stopping.
  • Forward Smash:Uses Furious Horizontal Slice. The attack is very similar to Sephiroth's forward Smash, but with less range. It also has the same amount
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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 13 February 2021

Critter Collection (Rod)

  • Turtle/Kame
  • Black Bass
  • Giant Huchen/Itō
  • Carp/Funa
  • Sweetfish/Ayu
  • Snakehead/Raigyo
  • Mackerel/Aji
  • Red Snapper/Tai
  • Cowfish/Kongōfugu
  • Marlin/Kajiki
  • Jellyfish/Kurage
  • Firefly Squid/Hotaruika
  • Anglerfish/Chōchin'ankō
  • Catfish/Namazu
  • Rockfish/Kasago
  • Beakfish/Ishidai

  • Softshell Turtle/Suppon
  • Crab/Sawagani
  • Crayfish/America Zarigani
  • Lobster
  • Shrimp/Shako
  • Starfish/Hitode
  • Sea Horse/Tatsunōtoshigo
  • Mullet/Bora
  • Cherry Salmon/Yamame
  • Koi
  • Salmon/Sake
  • Sardine/Iwashi
  • Chub Mackerel/Saba
  • Whiting/Kisu
  • Barracuda/Kamasu
  • Flying Fish/Kamasu
  • Grunt/Isaki
  • Sea Bass/Suzuki
  • Blackfish/Mejina
  • Filefish/Kawahagi
  • Halibut/Hirame
  • Flounder/Karei
  • Porgy/Chinu
  • Amberjack/Buri
  • Porcupine Fish/Harisenbon
  • Loach/Dojō
  • Beltfish/Tachiuo
  • Conger Eel/Anago
  • Eel/Unagi
  • Octopus/Tako
  • Reef Squid/Moika
  • Cuttlefish/Kouika
  • Squid/Surumeika
  • Spear Squid/Yarīka
  • St…

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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 13 February 2021

Critter Collection (Net)

  • Green Cicada/Minminzemi
  • Brown Cicada/Aburazemi
  • Evening Cicada/Higurashi
  • Rhino Beetle/Kabutomushi
  • Dorcus Stag/Ōkuwagata
  • Sawtooth Stag/Nokogiri Kuwagata
  • Grasshopper/Shōryōbatta
  • Praying Mantis/Ōkamakiri
  • Locust/Tonosamabatta
  • Firefly/Hotaru
  • Swallowtail/Agehachō
  • Longhorn/Gomadarakamikiri
  • Flower Scarab/Hanamuguri
  • Ladybug/Tentōmushi

  • Large Cicada/Tsukutsukubōshi
  • African Cicada/Nīnīzemi
  • Asian Cicada/Kumazemi
  • Giant Stag/Hirata Kuwagata
  • Miyama Stag/Miyama Kuwagata
  • White Moth/Monshirochō
  • Peacock Butterfly/Karasuageha
  • Violet Butterfly/Ōmurasaki
  • Whitetail/Shiokaratonbo
  • Blue Emperor/Gin'yanma
  • Big Dragonfly/Oniyanma
  • Rice Grasshopper/Inago
  • Cricket/Kōrogi
  • Bell Cricket/Suzumushi
  • Bush Cricket/Kirigirisu
  • Asian Mantis/Harabirokamakiri
  • Stink Insect/Nanafushi
  • Mole Cricket/Okera
  • Wood Louse/Dangom…

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Hugobest03 Hugobest03 15 January 2021

I’m nobody

I’m nobody, now squirm, I said!

I’m emotionally damaged, sorry

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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 9 January 2021

Unreleased Yo-kai B Medals

  • 1 Brave tribe
  • 2 Mysterious tribe
  • 3 Tough tribe
  • 4 Charming tribe
  • 5 Heartful tribe
  • 6 Shady tribe
  • 7 Eerie tribe
  • 8 Slippery tribe
  • 9 Wicked tribe

  • Pandle
  • Undy
  • Cutta-nah
  • Cutta-nah-nah
  • Brushido
  • Lie-in
  • Hissfit
  • Zerberker
  • Mochismo
  • Minochi
  • Tublappa
  • Slumberhog
  • Snortlehog
  • Samureel
  • Time Keeler
  • Helmsman
  • Mudmunch
  • Quaken
  • Siro
  • Sheen
  • Snee
  • Benkei
  • Moximous K
  • Sushiyama
  • Kapunki
  • Beetler
  • Beetall
  • Demuncher
  • Devourer
  • Shogunyan
  • Sir Nyansalot

  • Brokenbrella
  • Pittapatt
  • Snotsolong
  • Duchoo
  • D'wanna
  • N'more
  • Q'wit
  • Wazzat
  • Houzzat
  • Dummkap
  • Faysoff
  • Lafalotta
  • Blips
  • Tattlecast
  • Skranny
  • Cupistol
  • Casanuva
  • Casanono
  • So-Sorree
  • Bowminos
  • Smogling
  • Signibble
  • Signiton
  • Failian
  • Apelican
  • Illoo
  • Elloo
  • Alloo
  • Espy
  • Infour
  • Flengu
  • Komashura
  • Maginyan

  • Terrorpotta
  • Dulluma
  • Darumacho
  • Goruma
  • Wotchagot
  • Pride Shrimp
  • No-Go Kart
  • Mistank
  • Impress
  • Walldin
  • Badude
  • Bruff
  • Armsman
  • Blowkade
  • Ledballoon
  • Sumodon
  • Yokozudon
  • Wha…

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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 9 January 2021

Unreleased Yo-kai Keystones

  • Kakurenbou/Inaiinaibaa
  • Daniel/Big Danny
  • Itashikatanshi/Yamuwoen
  • Doyapon/Doudanuki
  • Kezurin/Jinkotsukezuri
  • Beechan/Nuttarabeccha
  • Dameboy/Zettai Guardman
  • Azukiarai
  • Shinmagunjin Fukurou
  • Maten Soranaki
  • Raidenryu

  • Drizzelda
  • Awevil
  • Poofessor
  • Mochismo
  • Mad Mountain
  • Lava Lord
  • Beetall
  • Rhinormous
  • Cruncha
  • Hornaplenty
  • Demuncher
  • Slicenrice
  • Ray O'Light
  • Jabow
  • Reuknight
  • Corptain
  • Komasan B
  • Lie-in Heart
  • Master Nyada
  • Jibanyan B
  • Legsit
  • Mirapo
  • Nekidspeed
  • Count Zapaway
  • B3-NK1
  • Wiglin
  • Steppa
  • Rhyth
  • Swelton
  • Rocky Badboya
  • Sighborg Y
  • Usapyon B
  • Mckraken
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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 9 January 2021

Unreleased Yo-kai Medals

  • 1 Z Medals
  • 2 Classic Medals
  • 3 Boss Medals
  • 4 U Medals
  • 5 'Merican Medals
  • 6 Dream Medals
  • 7 Treasure Medals

  • Whatuption
  • Harry Barry
  • Don Chan
  • Wondernyan (U)
  • Robonyan F (U)
  • Sailornyan (U)
  • Machonyan (U)
  • Jibakoma (U)
  • Jetnyan (U)
  • Snottle (U)
  • Moximous N (U)
  • Moximous K (U)
  • Jibanyan S (U)
  • Komasan S (U)
  • Komajiro S (U)
  • Darkyubi (U)
  • Illuminoct (U)
  • Gargaros (U)
  • Ogralus (U)
  • Orcanos (U)

  • Moolinda
  • Neighthan
  • Mumbles
  • Roary
  • Cymbalina
  • Letsbifrenz
  • Wack O'Lantern

  • Dame Damona
  • McKraken (Second Form)
  • Cpt. Thunder (Serious Form)
  • Duke Drooly
  • Alicktokat
  • Zazelmare

  • Minimoto
  • Liarbird
  • Sir Nyansalot
  • Bison Burly
  • Arachnevil
  • Who-Me
  • Too-Much-To-Take
  • Legsit
  • Shirllington
  • Prof. Plumage
  • Maginyan
  • Toadal Demon
  • Kintaronyan
  • Kabuking (Friend Form)
  • Twirly Pie
  • Jibanyan B
  • Komasan
  • Rudy
  • Bumblejack
  • Seaweed Sns.
  • Lil Blue Hood
  • Bubble Beth
  • Cereal Spiller
  • Swaycorn
  • Pond…

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Keisuke Amano Keisuke Amano 10 December 2020


Hello, I am user Keisuke Amano and I am an ULTRA big fan of Yo-kai Watch. I have played almost all the games including Yo-kai Watch 4. Find more information on my user page.

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Jrj534 Jrj534 20 November 2020

Earth Walker NOA as well as other DLC2 stuff

Earth Walker NOA is pronounced Asūu Wōka Nwa in the Third Online Student Meeting. Huh. Also, the Mazera giant fire mouth thing in YG044 is actually in the game. It's powered by a Onryo? or Boss? that is called the Mazera Titan(マゼラタイタン).

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 3 November 2020

Porting Mist Shadow to Smash

This is my attempt to port Mist Shadow into Smash. Pls help me improve it in the comments.

Mist Shadow is a probably a heavyweight fighter due to his heavy armour, like Samus. He is however rather agile and has 2 jumps. He is also rather fast( I mean, look at his speed in his tranform) sequence!) in most areas (maybe except water due to his armour), and is also barely able to levitate. If Mist Shadow is at 50% or half Hp in a stamina match, he morphs into Deep Shadow Galaxy, sacrificing weight for increased speed and mobility rivalling Sonic and power equivalent to Donkey Kong. His moves don't change however.

    • All Descriptions use Mist Shadow under the assumption DS Galaxy is not activated**

Neutral Attack(Alien Combo):Mist Shadow whacks the f…

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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 22 October 2020

YW Anime Mysteries

  • 1 Original Series
    • 1.1 Hapyon Detective Agency
    • 1.2 Hapyon Detective Agency vs. Carl San Fantastico
    • 1.3 Hapyon Detective Agency: Investigation
  • 2 Shadowside Series

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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 22 October 2020

YW3 Mysteries

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The Princess Ladies X Inc The Princess Ladies X Inc 9 October 2020

YW Food Descriptions

  • 1 Rice Balls
  • 2 Bread
  • 3 Candy
  • 4 Milk
  • 5 Juice
  • 6 Hamburgers
  • 7 Ramen
  • 8 Chinese Food
  • 9 Veggies
  • 10 Meat
  • 11 Seafood
  • 12 Chocobars
  • 13 Sushi
  • 14 Curry
  • 15 Sweets
  • 16 Oden
  • 17 Soba
  • 18 Snacks
  • 19 Ice Cream
  • 20 Donuts
  • 21 Pizza
  • 22 Hot Dogs
  • 23 Pasta
  • 24 Tempura
  • 25 Mega Tasty Bars
  • 26 Sukiyaki
  • 27 Fruits
  • 28 Udon
  • 29 Donburi
  • 30 Healthy Food
  • 31 Drinks
  • 32 Bento
  • 33 Rice
  • 34 Noodles
  • 35 Luxury French
  • 36 Special/Others

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Gemmaniac Gemmaniac 2 October 2020

Shadowside Manga

Found this and its second volume on amazon japan. But when i looked up shadowside manga on wikipedia there isnt any info of the shadowside series having a manga adaptation. And if this was a direct continuation and not a separate series from the priginal series’ manga, theres no info on it on the official wikipedia page for the yokai watch manga either,

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Justise2008 Justise2008 26 September 2020

About Momotaromaru and “those 2”

I don’t want to say this, but I think Momotaromaru, Yami Shishi O/Ninetail will never had chance to appear in anime...

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 7 September 2020

Trying to tunr Yk into beys

Warning, Beyblade jargon ahead, pls click off if u are not a blader. Disclaimer:I have not used any of these combos myself. This is going by what I see on the wiki and Youtube. Constructive criticism is much appreciated These are bey combos I think represent each yk character.

  • 1 Kengo Benimaru
  • 2 Junior
  • 3 Harry
  • 4 Reversa

This was easy. If Beni's primary ability is a sword, there is only 1 layer to use: Sieg Xcalibur. I mean, both are red, and if I use Buster, the gimmick will get in the way. I will use the Blitz Disc as 1 and Xcalibur combos are overused and Blitz's triangular shape should compensate for the imbalance Xcalibur beys always suffer from. I think I will use Xtreme/Xtreme' as he is a straight-up attacker.

Since this is his most used shadows…

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Jrj534 Jrj534 30 August 2020

This blog post is my 600th edit! Hooray!

600 edits accomplished! Woo!

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Ryanlam123456 Ryanlam123456 26 August 2020

Fan-made Yo Kai Watch Model R concept

This model will be a hybrid of EVERY yo-kai watch in existence (except Kuroi Yo-kai Watch, as it is a Yo-kai itself.) This watch is compatible with any medals, any type of yo kai ark, y medals, youseiken, and genjuu discs.

Appearance is similar to the Yo-kai watch u prototype, but it is white and it can open up like the Elda.

It is so strong it can summon Lord Enma without assistance, summoning him more than once a day will not make it malfunction unlike the other watches. Has immense Yo-ki power inside of it that heals and refills yo-kai's hp and soul meter to max, respectively. You never need another Eyepo again!

While it may sound OP, it is insanely hard to get: You must obtain every Yo-Kai Watch in existence except Kuroi, upgrade your wat…

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Jrj534 Jrj534 24 August 2020

Reminder of Yo-kai Watch Fan Magazine

I'm posting this so people will know, I have copies of Yo-kai Watch Fan Magazine, and I want to help people who need images. Original blog post: [1]

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Justise2008 Justise2008 24 August 2020

I’m questioning “that guy”

We all know that the Disciplinary Committee had 6 (?) members: Nayu Kuruhoshi (former chairperson), Shinobu Kageno, Chiyo Fukuda, the not-too-newly-known-name-of-the-blue-hair-one (Shirube Horisu), the dark blue cap guy we don’t know name and Elna Amami (current chairperson). Until now, we only know the look of all members . So I’m still questioning the name of the dark blue cap guy. He also doesn’t appear in Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu's credit, there’s only Nayu, Shinobu, Chiyo and Shirube. It seems a little weird because Shirube and that guy doesn’t even had a fully appearance in the anime like Shinobu and Chiyo, but Shirube still appears in the credit while that guy doesn’t (actually Shirube make a cameo appearance at the end of YG024).


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Anonymous Rookie Anonymous Rookie 21 August 2020

Mazera or Magella?

Uh....So I found out that Mazera may actually be called "Magella" since somehow Ferdinand Magellan's Japanese name is "フェルディナンド・マゼラン"  (Ferudinando Mazeran), so....maybe? 

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Jrj534 Jrj534 14 August 2020

Correct Y-Gakuen character names

Why does the wiki list last name first? Well, either way, here is a list of correct names(but only for important charecters, which means the 10 "playable" charecters, and other important ones):

-Jiba Jinpei -Koma Sandayuu -Tamada Matarou -Raido Mera -Kyuubi Ryuusuke -Himekawa Fubuki -Kirigakure Ranto -Hebiyama Chiaki -Mitsumatagi Nozuchika -Shishiguro Kazuma -Daiouji Kin'ya -Daiouji Emma -Usumizawa Haruhiko -Kuruhoshi Nayu -Amami Elna

Also, Eruze, who appeared in YG046, is Eruze, not Erza. In the episode, it's pronounced as Eruze, like Eruzemekia, so it should be Elze.

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Jibanyan999 Jibanyan999 10 August 2020


Gargaros is a Fire-attribute Boss Yo-kai He can be befriended, and is a Rank S, Rare Yo-kai of the Tough tribe, and the Oni tribe.

Gargaros is a large Oni with red skin, a golden horn, clawed hands and feet, purple lips, and curved fangs. He wears a loincloth with trousers and a black kanabou Gargaros is incredibly powerful, able to wipe out Yo-kai with little time offered for resistance for those who are not powerful enough to take him on. He often cannot be successfully confronted until the post game, but his defeat causes Ogralus and Orcanos, his powerful brothers, to appear in his stead.

His powers are transportation of misbehaving children to a place called Terror Time, which exists in dreams. His strength and an army of Oni lookouts, m…

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Jibanyan999 Jibanyan999 10 August 2020


Evolution is a process a Yo-kai change forms. The process make it more stronger than it's previous form and will also gain increase in Rank and power. The Evolution of a Yo-kai is done through leveling them or fuse them with other Yo-kai or Items. Yo-kai that evolve levelling up can cancel their evolution as well, but they'll evolve following the next level up.

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Jibanyan999 Jibanyan999 10 August 2020


Teducator is a Rank S, Drain-attribute Merican Legendary Yo-kai of the Shady tribe.

Teducator looks alike to Poofessor, as they have the same structure, eye type, and glasses. The difference with Poofessor, instead of a graduate's cap, he wears a bird's nest, with a bird in it. He has light lilac eyes and red glasses. Instead of having a pointer, he carries a maroon dictionary with a yellow wisp on it. And instead of a black shawl, he wears a white toga. Instead of a dark purple skin it has a light blue skin.

His Japanese name is a portmanteau of the words trivia, tori (bird), and bear. His English name is a portmanteau of "teddy bear" and "educator." His Spanish name, "Educoso", combines "Educador" (Educator) and "Oso" (Bear).

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Jibanyan999 Jibanyan999 10 August 2020


Shogunyan is a Rank S, Wind-attribute, Legendary Yo-kai of the Brave tribe and the Goriki tribe.

He is a blue cat with a white face and black eyes. He has a tiny, dull nose and gold ear coloring with white paws. He wears a samurai helmet on his head with a gold moon on the center and accenting of gold and a matching samurai armour , an orange sphere attached to a collar, and an orange rope that holds his katana. His tail flames are gold. Unlike Jibanyan, Shogunyan is dignified but also a bit rash. He speaks in a formal manner, taking his status as a samurai very seriously and lashes others who disrespect him. He is obsessed with slicing objects, to the point of naming his slicing techniques.

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Jibanyan999 Jibanyan999 10 August 2020

Nyanses ii

Nyanses II is a Rank A, Restoration-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Heartful tribe.

It is a Cat Yo-kai with blue fur, and two yellow wisp on his tail. The pattern on his muzzle has a drop shape, and two round spots on his brows. His eyes are blue, and his ears are golden decorated with gold. He is shown sucking a pacifier. Around his waist is a golden belt. Like other Cat Yo-kai, he wears a collar around his neck.

Nyanses II debuted in Busters Treasure arc part 7: The Sobbing Golden Coffin. Indiana Jaws, Jibanyan T, and Komasan T find the cat sleeping in a sarcophagus. He talks about how he comes from an ancient line of pharaohs and rulers and that he was in the coffin for a long nap. When the group is leaving for treasure, Nyanses II follow…

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Jibanyan999 Jibanyan999 10 August 2020


Jibanyan is a Rank D Fire-attribute Yo-kai of the Charming tribe, and the Mononoke tribe.

Jibanyan is popularly known as one of the mascots of Yo-kai Watch, there are many members of his species in the many games, which span to lots of Tribes and Ranks.

Jibanyan is a Yo-kai with fierce determination to do anything. Despite motivation and power, he slacks off on occasions if Nate's orders aren't important for him or when he's feeling lazy. He has an affinity for Chocobars and anything related to his favorite music group, Next HarMEOWny. Jibanyan collects merchandise of Next HarMEOWny and a collection full of them including magazines, CDs and clothing.

Jibanyan is based on the nekomata, born from a cat that turned into one with age: when happ…

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Jibanyan999 Jibanyan999 10 August 2020

Yo-kai watch: The Movie

Yo-kai Watch: The Movie, released in Japan under the name Yo-kai Watch: Tanjō no Himitsu da Nyan!, is a 2014 Japanese animated fantasy adventure film directed by Shigeharu Takahashi and Shinji Ushiro as part of the Yo-kai Watch franchise.

One night, the evil Yo-kai Kin and Gin steal the Yo-kai Watch from Nate Adams to help their master to prevent humans and Yo-kai from being friends. He then encounters Meganyan, who tells him that Yo-Kai are real. He and the crew head to Nate's grandmother, encounter a shadow, and chase it, but to no avail. Meganyan returns, asking to pull out the cork in his body—the cork that suppresses his energy. Nate decides not to pull it out, and asks Jibanyan & Whisper to pull it out for him, but to no avail. Nate p…

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Jibanyan999 Jibanyan999 10 August 2020

Yokai-watch shadowside

Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Oni-ō no Fukkatsu and a proper sequel to the original Yo-kai Watch anime series, originally based on the games created by Level-5. Yōichi Katō returned to officially direct and write the anime alongside new staff. It premiered in all TXN Stations in Japan from April 13, 2018 to March 29, 2019. It was replaced by the 2019 Yo-kai Watch! series in the same timeslot. Just like the movie before it, the series takes a darker and more mature approach to the franchise, with a much higher focus on the story driven drama and conflict, as opposed to the original series which followed a comedic, segmented approach.

The series centers on Keisuke Amano, Natsume's brother who doesn't believe in supernatural phenomena. But as he n…

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Jada Patterson Jada Patterson 6 August 2020

Are you guys excited for Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy: Waiwai Seikatsu on August 13 next week?

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Jada Patterson Jada Patterson 1 August 2020

What do you think of Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y Close Encounters Of The N Kind so far in the series?

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 25 July 2020

TOP YK of every tribe

The TOP Yo-kai of every tribe in my opinion.

  • 1 Original
    • 1.1 Brave:Shogunyan
    • 1.2 Mysterious:Houzzat
    • 1.3 Tough:Robonyan F=
    • 1.4 The real Tough:Ultimate Robonyan
    • 1.5 Charming:Shmoopie
    • 1.6 Heartful:Auntie Heart
    • 1.7 Shady:Usapyon

The best legendary in my heart. Has a good ability and has saved Abdallah on countless occasions.

A more recent addition. Recently obtained in my Yo-kai Watch 2 PS copy, and enjoyed using him to poke enemies.

Shame I can’t get this guy, although the later part of the anime he is stupid, he is a robot with high tech powers...hold on scratch that.

I like all the Robonyans, but this is the best one. Shame I couldn’t pull it before WW died.

The best non Jibanyan. Need I say more?

My current YE2 healer. The best I could ever yearn for.

Who can’t l…

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Jrj534 Jrj534 24 July 2020

Is the Blue Moon-lookalike really Earth Walker?

The Blue Moon-lookalike has blue eyes, while Earth Walker has green eyes, and the Blue Moon-lookalike looks blue, while Earth Walker is black.

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Jada Patterson Jada Patterson 24 July 2020

What do you think of the new opening of Yo-kai Watch Jam Y Academy?

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Jada Patterson Jada Patterson 21 July 2020

What do you guy about Lord Enma new look from Yo-kai Watch Jam episode YG021

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Jada Patterson Jada Patterson 20 July 2020

What your favorite scene in Yo-kai watch jam anime series

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 20 July 2020

My own Yo-Kai hero Concept

| tribe = Brave | image = }}Valtryek is a Crossover Yo Kai of the Brave Tribe from the Beyblade Burst series. In Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind(if she existed), she can be summoned by any watcher by tapping any Valtryek Beyblade on the YSP watch.

  • 1 Appearance
    • 1.1 Victory/Genesis/Strike Valtryek
    • 1.2 Wonder Valtryek
    • 1.3 Turbo Valtryek
    • 1.4 Sword Valtryek
    • 1.5 Brave Valkyrie
  • 2 Attacks
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 References

(Taken from Beyblade wiki)

Valtryek is an androgynous humanoid clad in light-blue armor with a large gold "V" on the chest, a turquoise cape, a wing-style buckle, has six yellow eyes, a helmet with purple wing-style appendages, wields a thin jagged sword with a four-pronged hilt and a black hilt, and rides a dark-blue wingles…

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Poliwagd4bl0gg3r Poliwagd4bl0gg3r 20 July 2020

Maxie-In Heart

Maxie-in Heart is an S rank Ice Attribute Yo-kai from the Brave tribe and Mononoke Tribe.

Maxie-in Heart evolves from Lie-in when fused with K'mon-K'mon's Soul Gem.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Abilities and Powers
  • 3 Location
  • 4 Game Data
    • 4.1 Fusion
    • 4.2 Base Stats
    • 4.3 Attacks
  • 5 Trivia

Maxie-In Heart resembles a more realistic lion with a sword for a tail while retaining Lie-Inm's color scheme. His pants still remain, but they extend all the way to its feet now, and his tan outfit is gone now.

Anyone inspirited by him will become extremely hardworking.

He can only be obtained via evolution.

|20-44x3|-|Single enemy}} |50-110|Ice|Single enemy}} }}||-|Single ally|The power of a lion awakes in the Inspirited Yo-kai. STR goes up.}} }}|180|-|Single Enemy|Creates a Tornado with his …

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Jada Patterson Jada Patterson 19 July 2020

What is your favorite yo-kai watch jam episode?

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Justise2008 Justise2008 8 July 2020

The zone of Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind crazy and insane ideas!

This is where you can make crazy and insane ideas about Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind (Predictions about the ending of Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind and Yo-kai Watch franchise are forbidden)

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Justise2008 Justise2008 5 July 2020

If there are new characters, Onryo(s), Yo-kai Hero(es), Command Attack Medal; what will they named? Expressed your imagination in the comment section...

Comment below to express your idea (I forgot to write in the title, "if they have in-Universe counterpart, who is that?" and "Do they have any fanmade Watch (examples: fanmade YSP Watch, etc.)?"). And I accidentally mistaking the title, it should be "Expressed your idea" instead of "Expressed your imagination".

Edit 8th July: I don’t forces your characters to have an in-universe counterpart or Yo-kai Heroes.


Character: -Name: ... (name in English) (..., ... (name in kanji/kana/katkana/hiragana, name in romaji) -Gender: ... -Age: ... -Alias: ... (If don’t have aliases, write “None”) -School: ... -Birthday: ... (month, date) -Favorite Food: ... -Year: ... -Club/Group/Council/Committee: ... -Admission Standard: ... -Uniform: ... -E…

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