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Blossom Heights (Japanese: 団々坂 Dandan-zaka) is an older residential area of Springdale that appears in Yo-kai Watch games. It has a lot of houses situated on slopes, while there are several locations to visit.

There are two pathways leading to other parts of town; Uptown Springdale is accessed from the east and Shopper's Row. A hidden tunnel called Prayer's Peak Tunnel can be accessed which allows an area to be explored after clearing the main story of the games.

Places of Interest

Hot Springs

Shoten Temple

The Shoten Temple (Japanese: 正天寺 Seiten-tera) is an ancient building situated on a hill with gravestones located at the northwestern part of the district. Mr. Zen resides at the temple, where the player can perform Fusion with certain Yo-kai and Items in the first three games while they can perform Soulcery in Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch 3.

Timers & More

Timers & More (Japanese: 時計のチョーシ堂 Tokei no chōshi-dō) is a watch specialist store located near the Hot Springs and Bicycle Shop, at the southwestern part of the area. Mr. Goodsight operates the shop, and is in charge of the Yo-kai Watch upgrades for Nate in Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Watch 2, whereas Hailey's Yo-kai Watch is upgraded in Yo-kai Watch 3 instead.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, the Yopple Inc. building in the Yo-kai World can be accessed via an elevator. It also provides entry to the Watch repair shop in East Pine, St. Peanutsburg in BBQ after finishing the main story.

Wayfarer Manor

Main article: Wayfarer Manor

Wayfarer Manor (Japanese: さすらい荘 Sasurai-sō) is a small block of apartments, located right in the center. In the first three games, it acts as a StreetPass function* for gathering data from other players who own copies the respective games, allowing their Yo-kai teams to be battled for prizes.

It is also the only place one can get Pandanoko, which is obtained occasionally. It resides in the VIP Room, which is at the top-right corner of the building where it can be befriended regularly.

Old Mansion

Main article: Old Mansion

Bernstein House

Bicycle Shop

In the games

Yo-kai Watch

Yo-kai Watch 2

Yo-kai Watch 3

Yo-kai Watch 4

Blossom Heights can be accessed in Chapter 7, via a Quest that is given by Poofessor in the Yo-kai World (Past) after clearing all of the Key Requests. After Nate and the others find out all about the powerful Yo-kai in Hell's Kitchen, they all go to Blossom Heights to find Sergeant Burly to reform the Blasters team.


Item Name Location Games
Candy Apple Candy Apple In between Timers & More and the Bernstein House. YW2
Fruit Drops Fruit Drops x5 Behind the house at the back of Wayfarer Manor (Chequered Box). YW4
Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot x5 Behind the Shoten Temple on the right row of gravestones. YW4
Grape-0 Grapes x5 Behind the Byrd House (Chequered Box). YW4
Doctor Rapper Doctor Rapper Behind the multi-story apartments next to Everymart (Chequered Box). YW4
Youyaku Jiminanaaru At the southern part of the riverbank. YW4
Nasty Medicine Nasty Medicine Behind the small house next to the Old Mansion. YW
Small Exporb-0 Small Exporb Behind the Shoten Temple. YW
Mighty Medicine Mighty Medicine Behind the houses left to the Medicine shop (Chequered Box). YW4
Gold Emblem Gold Emblem On top of the building near the Hot Springs. (Helicopter required) YW3
Illusion Ring Illusion Ring In the front yard of Mr. Byrd's House. YW2
Old Charm Old Charm Near the entrance to the Springdale Underground Waterway. YW2
Rusty Ring Rusty Ring Behind the Bernstein Residence. YW3
Strength Talisman Strength Talisman Behind the Shoten Temple. YW
Spirit Talisman Spirit Talisman In between the buildings on the left side of Wayfarer Manor YW2
Guard Gloriously Guard Gloriously On the slope behind the Everymart store. YW2
Top Techniques Top Techniques Near the entrance to the Springdale Underground Waterway. YW
YWCoinYellow Yellow Coin On the left side of the graveyard on the stairs leading to Shoten Temple. YW2
YWCoinOrange Orange Coin On the slope behind the Everymart store. YW
Rusty Coin In the alleyway next to the bicycle shop. YW4
Lottery Ticket Lottery Ticket At the left side of the Candy Shop. YW2
Dancing Star2 Dancing Star x3 In the front yard of Mr. Byrd's House. YW3
Ancestornyan Voice Near the stairs leading to the Byrd House. (Helicopter required) YW3
Yo-gurt In the corner where the Secret Byway used to be (Chequered Box). YW4


  • This part of Springdale contains the most houses in a singular district.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 団々坂 Dandan-zaka
Flag of France French Coteau fleuri
Flag of Spain Spanish Cumbres Floreadas
Flag of Germany German Blütenbühl
Flag of Italy Italian Campofiorito
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Bloesemheuvels
Flag of Russia Russian Цветущие выси Tsvetushchiye vysi
Flag of South Korea Korean 언덕마을 Eondeogma-eul
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