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Breezy Hills (Japanese: そよ風ヒルズ Soyokaze Hiruzu) is a high-end residential area of Springdale that appears in the Yo-kai Watch games. It has a few places to look around, and is the residence of Edward Archer and Hailey Anne Thomas.

There are three pathways that lead to other areas and one that leads to one away from the main area. Downtown Springdale can be visited via the Seabreeze Tunnel located at the south, while Uptown Springdale can be accessed from the west. The Rugged Path can be exclusively accessed in Yo-kai Watch, from the northern path.

Beginning from Yo-kai Watch 2, Excellent Tower can now be visited from the east, leading from the main road and the Jumbo Slider replaces the Rugged Path.

Places of Interest

Gourd Pond Park

The Gourd Pond Park is a large area that has a big pond, a playground and a path that can be used to practice cycling around. On the top-left corner is a stage, where several Quests take place and in Yo-kai Watch 2 can exchange Dancing Star for unlockable animations on Yo-kai.

Trophy Room

In the center of the park is an island that can be reached from the bridge on the right side. A door is located there which is opened after the player earns his or her first trophy by catching a Yo-Criminal in Yo-kai Watch or earning achievements in Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch 3.

Goldenyan lives in this area, who is initially low on power at first but as more trophies are earned, the Yo-kai starts to get powered up again, rewarding the player with items.

Archer House

Gourd Pond Museum

Main article: Gourd Pond Museum

Breezy Hills Apartments

Stone House

The Stone House (Japanese: 蔵岩家 Kuraiwa-ie) is a traditional mansion located at the northeastern corner of the district, that usually play a role in the main series games after finishing the storyline.

In Yo-kai Watch, the player is tasked by Mr. Stone to visit Infinite Inferno to investigate the rumbling from the deepest part which gives the player a key. Clearing the area will award the player with a Password that Mrs. Stone will say as a thanks. 蔵岩家


Item Name Location Games
Reversword.png Reversword Located in the front yard of the building on the T-shaped intersection. (Helicopter required) YW3
Shortcake.png Shortcake Found in the southern part of the map, across the road from the park. YW2
Small Exporb.png Small Exporb Behind the house across the road from Wisteria Gardens. YW2
Small Exporb.png Small Exporb Located outside of Breezy Hills Apartments. YW3
Large Exporb.png Large Exporb Behind the Archer House. YW
YWCoinPurple.png Purple Coin In the front yard of the house near the path leading to Springdale Underground Waterway. YW3
Iron Doll.png Iron Doll Next to the house near the stairway leading to the Springdale Underground Waterway YW2
Iron Doll.png Iron Doll In the front yard of the Stone House. YW3
Silver Doll.png Silver Doll Near the house on the T-shaped intersection at the northwestern part. YW
Silver Doll.png Silver Doll Given by Mrs. Stone after clearing Infinite Inferno YW
Gold Doll.png Gold Doll Given by a dog in the front yard of a house. (Helicopter required) YW
32px Li'l Angel Heals Under the fence next to the Everymart store. YW2
32px Get Guarding Behind the Gourd Pond Museum YW2
32px Get Guarding Behind the Gourd Pond Museum on the right side. YW3
32px Soul Secrets In front of the house near the stairway leading to the Springdale Underground Waterway YW
Ruby.png Ruby Behind the Archer House. YW
Dancing Star2.png Dancing Star In the front yard of the Stone House. YW2
Black Syrup.png Black Syrup x5 On the small island in the middle of Gourd Pond. YW3


  • Gourd Pond Park is likely based on Ohori Park in Fukuoka, Japan as they both have a similar gourd shape. It's also where Level-5's offices are located.
    • It was visited in the anime series in EP160.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese そよ風ヒルズ Soyokaze Hiruzu
Flag of France.svg French La Corniche
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Colinas Aura
Flag of Germany.svg German Schwalbing
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Col di Brezza
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Winderige Heuvels
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Ветреные холмы Vetrenyye kholmy
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 산들바람촌 Sandeulbalamchon
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