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Bronzlow (Japanese: ドウ ) is a Boss Yo-kai encountered alongside Kin and Gin who is the duo's younger brother.


Like Kin and Gin, Bronzlow is old and wrinkled with grey skin, along with having balding poofy hair and a diamond on his forehead. He also wears a haori, a white kimono held by a dark grey obi, a dark beige hakama, a large medal, black socks and yellow sandals. True to his name, his hair, diamond, trim, and medal are bronze colored.

Bronzlow is far more quiet than his sisters, to the point where hearing Bronzlow talk is a rare occurrence. He prefers to let Kin and Gin do the fighting and would much rather flee than fight. He is also a little absent minded, much to his sisters' annoyance.

Bronzlow has all the powers Kin and Gin have. He also has knowledge of how to work Dame Dedtime's machine on the off chance someone tries to tamper with it.


Slap - Hits a Yo-kai for moderate damage.

How’s This? - Attacks the front row with a random attribute. Sometimes he trips and falls, leaving him open to attacks.

How You Feeling? - Cheers on his sisters, increasing their SPD.

What Should I Do? - Usually followed by an inspirit.

Oh Well - This attack does nothing.

It’s Itchy! - Sneezes on a Yo-kai, steadily decreasing their HP.

Let’s Sing! - Sings so bad that it lowers the front row’s DEF.

Spirited Fogy Orb - The trio’s Soultimate Move. Deals multiple hits on the front row. Can only be used if all three are present.

In the anime

Bronzlow appears exclusively in Yo-kai Watch The Movie alongside his twin sisters Kin and Gin and Dame Dedtime.


His Japanese name, "Do", is most likely short for Seido (青銅), which means bronze.

His English name, "Bronzlow", is likely a combination of bronze and the name Winslow or Ranslow.


  • Bronzlow is the only one of the three siblings not to have a counterpart in Divine Paradise.
  • He and Whispocrates were the first Psychic Specters Yo-kai to have localized English names before release, with his name appearing in the credits of Yo-kai Watch: The Movie.
  • He is also the only one of the three siblings to not keep their Japanese name in English.
  • In the movie, Bronzlow's only signs of communication are minor sound effects, despite being credited as Paul Greenberg.
  • He appears to be in possession of a peculiar item called a pause stone, which, while similar in appearance to the time stone, except it has a pause symbol on it rather than a swirl pattern, freezes things in time rather than rewinding time. This ultimately causes their defeat when he accidentally pulls it out instead of a time stone after the last battle alongside his sisters, causing them to freeze forever in the Infinite Inferno's "time-out zone".

In other languages

  • Korean: 동파 (Dongpa)
  • French: Ambronzio
  • Italian: Bronzon
  • Spanish: Nulo
  • German: Bronzo
  • Japanese: ドウ (Dō)

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