The Build-A-Nyan (Japanese: マイニャン Mainyan, My Nyan) application is a brand new feature introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3.


As the title suggests, it allows the player to create their own Jibanyan-styled Yo-kai via the Yo-kai Pad, which can be unlocked in Chapter 4.

Originyan, who is the Yo-kai in question, can be customized using a wide range of accessories, voices and any of the Tribes (except for the Wandroid, Wicked and Enma tribes). While some are available at the start, more can be collected by progressing through the storyline or doing certain Requests to collect them as a reward. Almost anything can be recolored in any way.


The Build-a-Nyan app can be unlocked in Hailey Anne's side of Chapter 4. She will meet Mr. Crabbycat, who teaches her the basics of the app.

The app itself is built up from three separate parts:


This is where the player changes their Nyan's Body parts, colors, voice, tribe, and name.


Create-a-Nyan menu.


This where players can let their Nyan train for increased stats, or let their Nyan being taught new skills and Soultimates. This is done by befriending various Yo-kai that are styled after Jibanyan. Many can train your Nyan in various ways. A single training session will take up to three real-life hours, but these can be skipped completely by using some Originyan Essence, which is found throughout the entire game. Normal training sessions are limited to five as Originyan, but the Ability Reset option (see below) can reset Originyan's stats to their base, allowing him to be trained another five times. Each Nyan Yo-kai can train Originyan in different ways, from building up his defenses to make him having a higher spirit stat.


Train-a-Nyan menu.


Here, the player can equip their Nyan with newly-taught skills, techniques, and Soultimate Moves. When starting off, only one of each is available, and more are taught by various Nyan-based Yo-kai.


Skill-a-Nyan menu.

List of Skills

Name Description Taught by
Miss you Attacks become likely to miss. Starts with
Killer Comeback Can immediately counterattack. Mr. Crabbycat
En Garde Lowers Technique damage while guarding. Sir Nyansalot
Bloodsucker Drains HP from linked Yo-kai while attacking. Dracunyan
Fisher King Foe will be prone to drop items. Odysseynyan
Sludge Grudge When defeated, takes revenge on enemy. Darknyan
All or Nothing High chance to deal and receive critical strikes. Jibanyan S
Red Rush Can act again inmediately after defeating an enemy. Jibanyan S
Adrenaline Power increases each time a foe is defeated. Jibanyan


Healer Moon Gradually recovers allies' HP while subbed. Sailornyan
Soft Skin Greatly increases own DEF if dealt critical damage. Buchinyan
Keeping Fresh Gradually recovers HP while subbed. Sushinyan
Number One! Greatly boosts SPD while standing on the center tile. Jetnyan
Dumpling After fainting, recovers HP (one time only). Puppynyan




Snitch Absorbs foe's HP when an attack is successful. Chimpanyan
Sharpshooter Boosts own combo damage. Jibanyan B
Good Fortune Will increase money at the end of a battle. Topanyan
Self-Help Boosts the effect of own Charms. Wobblenyan
Awakening "Awaken" after taking 5 actions. Huge stats boost. Ultimate Robonyan
Self-Serving Recovers HP for self when healing allies. Koalanyan
Choco Regen Gradually restores HP for all linked allies. Chocobonyan
Kupower Boosts SPR for Yo-kai in front of self. Mooglenyan
Pompadour Will dodge enemy headbutt attacks. Baddinyan
Long Lasting Charms will last longer. Wondernyan
Acrobat Counterattacks right after dodging enemy. Hovernyan
Capeable Immune to negative effects of floors moved over. Hovernyan S
Linked Together Small stats boost if linked to Yo-kai with the same skill. Sapphinyan





Purrsistence Retains 1 HP after a knockout blow twice. Machonyan
Abracatabra! Soul Meter refills quicker for all Yo-kai. Maginyan
Quick Reflexes Dodges attacks like you wouldn't believe! Jibanyan Lui Bei
Light Speed High chance to deal critical attacks. Hovernyan Cao Cao
Multitalented Reduces Fire & Water elemental damage taken. Showbonyan
Sticky Fingers Steals an item while attacking an enemy. Jibanyan T
Waterproof Reduces water elemental damage taken by all allies. Grapenyan
Hale and Hardy Boosts DEF while HP is full. King Jibanyan
Merican Allstars Damage boost based on the number of 'Merican Yo-kai. Tomnyan
Blazing Spirit Power increases when an ally is defeated. Kintaronyan
Use the Hose Often avoids enemy Techniques. Master Nyada
Gift of the Gods Prevents linked Yo-kai from being inspirited. Nyanses II
Last Nyan Standing Boosts STR greatly when all other allies are defeated. The Last Nyanmurai
Juicy Goodness When this Yo-kai is down, allies' Soul Meters are filled. Oranyan






Second Wind Restores a chunk of HP to allies in need.
Me Me Me When defeated, knocks out an ally to recover HP.
Polarity Builds STR as Soul Meter refills. Robonyan F
Soul Snacker Recovers HP each time an enemy is defeated.
In a Flash Gets one preemptive attack.
Got Your Back Active allies' HP will recover slowly while user is subbed.
Saintly Scales Does not get inspirited by enemies.
Epic Performer Boosts stats basted on num. of Yo-kai behind self.
Punching Up Boosts damage when attacking S-rank enemies.
Smoothing Mist Your Techniques will also heal the Yo-kai in front.
Splurge Boosts rate of Life Orb and Spirit Orb drops. Tomnyan
Leadership Nullifies a single Soultimate Move or attack.
Guard Break Ignores foe's Guard when attacking. Acenyan
Spiky Guard Deals damage back to foe while guarding, Thornyan
Blocker Guard automatically after moving.
Fire Watchout Reduces Fire elemental damage taken by all allies.
Insulator Reduces Lightning element damage taken by all allies.
Digging In Reduced Earth elemental damage taken by all allies.
Antifreeze Reduces Ice elemental damage taken by all allies.
Windshield Reduces Wind elemental damage taken by all allies.
Hard Worker Receives more experience points. Mr. Crabbycat
Gold Guard Lowers Lightning and Water elemental damage taken. Goldenyan
Extreme Critical Boosts critical damage. Shogunyan
Roar Power Knocks back an enemy by one tile when attacking. Terminyanator

List of Techniques

Name Taught by
Fire Starts with
Blaze The Last Nyanmurai

Jibanyan Liu Bei

Robonyan F


King Jibanyan

Incinerate Maginyan


Rapids Grapenyan
Waterfall Sapphinyan
Lightning Oranyan



Voltage Showbonyan


Rockslide Mr. Crabbycat


Frost Melonyan

Sir Nyansalot




Tornado Thornyan


Storm Jetnyan

Master Nyada


Drain Watermelnyan
Reaper Dracunyan
Paradise Sailornyan


Nyanses II



List of Soultimates

Name Description Taught by
Paws of Furry Punches foes in range with paws that have yet to be trained. Starts with
Paws of Fury Punches foes in range with paws trained on moving vehicles. Jibanyan

Jibanyan S

Flurry of Furry Bashes up foes in range with a furious pawsome barrage Buchinyan
Gutsy Cross Paw Builds up and then hits a single foe with a stunning tackle. Hovernyan
Nyice ta Beatcha Confuses enemies with a wave of evil that makes them Attack each other. Baddinyan
Lovely Meow The potent power of feline femininity heals all allies. Sailornyan
Big Bloodsucker Sucks HP out of foes in range and shares it with his allies Dracunyan
Strawberry Roar Damages foes in range with sweet, strawberry scented... FLAMES! Strawbnyan
Farewell Blast Self-destructs in an explosion that damages all within range. Robonyan F
Seed Nyattack Spits a string of stinging seeds at foes within range. Watermelnyan
Gold Thundpurr Boost the stats of all allies with its mystic, golden powers Goldenyan

List of Build-A-Nyan Parts


Icon Name Requirements
Pointed Ears Pointed Ears (Japanese: タテみみ) Available from the beginning.
Sideway Ears Sideways Ears (Japanese: ヨコみみ) Available from the beginning.
Floppy Ears Floppy Ears (Japanese: タレみみ) Blossom Heights Candy Shop, Lottery Prize
Jibanyan Ears Jibanyan Ears (Japanese: ジバみみ) Uptown Springdale, Lonely Waterway, Treasure Box on the left side of the area (Rank B Watch required)
Bunny Ears Bunny Ears (Japanese: ウサみみ) Rewarded at random for reaching the Solitary Sanctuary by raft.
Mouse Ears Mouse Ears (Japanese: ネズみみ) Springdale Sewers, Cat Square, which is accessible from Shady Back Alley.
Robonyan Head Robo Head (Japanese: ロボヘッド) Rewarded at random for kicking a can into the trash.
Gemnyan Head Jewel Head (Japanese: 宝石ヘッド) Exchange Golden Ticket 6 with Mr. Crabbycat, which can be obtained by completing the "Off The Rails" Yo-kai Circle.

Head Design

Icon Name Requirements
No Design No Design (Japanese: もようなし) Available from the beginning.
Defined Nose Defined Nose (Japanese: お鼻くっきり) Available from the beginning.
Monkey Design Monkey Design (Japanese: おさるもよう) Available from the beginning.
Bob Bob (Japanese: おかっぱ) Mt. Wildwood, Abandoned Tunnel East Treasure Box (Yo-kai Drill required)
Center Parting Center Parting (Japanese: まんなかわけ) Blossom Heights, Hidden Side Street, Treasure Box (Rank C Watch required)
Moustache Design Moustache Design (Japanese: くちひげもよう) Rewarded at random for reaching Grumbler's Grotto by raft.
Panda Design Panda Design (Japanese: パンダもよう) Found at the Yo-kai Spot White and Black Eye.
Jibanyan Design Jibanyan Design (Japanese: ジバもよう) Reward for talking to Moody Mary for the eighth time in Hazy Lane.


Icon Name Requirements
Normal Eyes Normal Eyes (Japanese: ふつうのおめめ) Avaliable from the beginning.
Colorful Eyes Colorful Eyes (Japanese: カラフルおめめ) Avaliable from the beginning.
Scary Eyes Scary Eyes (Japanese: ちょいコワおめめ) Avaliable from the beginning.
Intense Eyes Intense Eyes (Japanese: キリリおめめ) Treasure Box, Meadowbrooke Farm (only accessible via Spewcopter)
Moxie Eyes Moxie Eyes (Japanese: ガッツおめめ) Complete the Key quest Pursuit! Dream Floor - Woods
Surprised Eyes Surprised Eyes (Japanese: びっくりおめめ) Dukesville, by the graveyard.
Cat's Eyes Cat's Eyes (Japanese: ネコ的なおめめ) Springdale Bussiness Tower 4F during midnight (11 chapter only, requires S rank watch and Mr. Sandmeh hotspot)
Sleepy Eyes Sleepy Eyes (Japanese: オネムなおめめ) Northbeech - Delicacy Boulevard (only accessible via Spewcopter)
Charming Eyes Charming Eyes (Japanese: ウッフンおめめ) New Yo-kai City, Bohemian Street (Yo-kai Drill required)
Smirking Eyes Smirking Eyes (Japanese: ニヤニヤおめめ) Springdale Sewers, Bracing Path, Treasure Box (Bracing Path can be accessed from Shopping Street Narrows in Shopper's Row, Blazing Yo-kai Drill required)
Girly Eyes Girly Eyes (Japanese: オトメなおめめ) Northbeech, Bay Quarter, Treasure Box (Rank B Watch required)
Star-struck Eyes Star-struck Eyes (Japanese: アコガレおめめ) Complete the quest Two Photos Short of Fifty!
Loveheart Eyes Loveheart Eyes (Japanese: LOVE♡おめめ) Breezy Hills, Gourd Pond Park, from High Schooler near the Trophies Room door during daytime.
Colorheart Eyes Colorheart Eyes (Japanese: カラフル♡おめめ) Downtown, Graduate Street Treasure Box (only accessible via Spewcopter)
Starry Eyes Starry Eyes (Japanese: STAR♡おめめ) Bada-Bing Tower, 44th Floor Treasure Box.
Color Stars Eyes Color Stars Eyes (Japanese: カラフル☆おめめ) Hopper's Gorge (only accessible by via Spewcopter)

Head Wear

Icon Name Requirements
Mini Moustache Mini Moustache (Japanese: チョビヒゲ) Old Mansion- Main House
High Eyebrows High Eyebrows (Japanese: マロのまゆげ) Blossom Heights, Old Mansion Main House Treasure Chest.
Frowny Eyebrows Frowny Eyebrows (Japanese: ガチまゆげ) Found at the Yo-kai Spot One Flew Over that Yo-kai Pest.
Topknot Topknot (Japanese: 殿のちょんまげ Tono no Chonmage) Sparkopolis, Animechum, from Young Man near the top-right corner of the shop during nighttime.
Side Parting Side Parting (Japanese: すなおな七三分け) Springdale Elementary, gift from Principal.
Headband Headband (Japanese: おまつりハチマキ) Complete the quest You're Invited to DON-CHAN's Bash!, which has a random chance of starting itself when walking around Mount Wildwood near the stairs leading to Uptown.
Afro Afro (Japanese: 4つ並んだ青い屋根) Given by Mr. Crabbycat in exchange for a Golden Ticket.
Leaf Leaf (Japanese: 葉っぱ) Reward for finding all the lost chicks in BBQ (given at random).
Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat (Japanese: ウエスタンハット) Hopper's Gorge (only accessible by riding a pony)
Floral Hairclip Floral Hairclip (Japanese: 和風かみかざり) Reward for helping the Little Old Lady get to her destination in Springdale (given at random).
Royal Crown Royal Crown (Japanese: ロイヤルなかんむり) Reward for completing every Treasure Hunt.
Warrior's Helmet Warrior's Helmet (Japanese: 武士のかぶと) Springdale Sports Club

(Boss Rush, Wonderful Four)

Maid's Headpiece Maid's Headpiece (Japanese: メイドのカチューシャ) Sparkopolis, from Yo-kai Hotspot in front of Maid in Heaven.
Fashionable Frames Fashionable Frames (Japanese: おしゃれメガネ) Excellent Tower
Specs and Tache Specs & 'Tache (Japanese: ヒゲめがね) Rewarded at random from the Red Box event, don't open the box until the man reappears at night.
Komasan Brows Komasan Brows (Japanese: コマさんマユ Komasan Mayu) Leadoni Treasure Box, Shopper's Row or Blossom Heights.


Icon Name Requirements
No Design Body No Design (Japanese: もようなし) Available from the beginning.
Sock Sock (Japanese: くつしたボディ) Available from the beginning.
Apron Apron (Japanese: はらかけボディ) Available from the beginning.
Tights Tights (Japanese: タイツ的なボディ) Shopper's Row, Shade Road near the Old Hospital (only accessible by helicopter)
Shawl Shawl (Japanese: かたかけボディ) Bada-Bing Tower, 53rd Floor (Yo-kai Drill required)
Jibanyan Girdle Jibanyan Girdle (Japanese: ジバはらまき) Complete the Quest Are You Up To The Job?!.
Loincloth Loincloth (Japanese: おまつりボディ) Exchange Golden Ticket 5 with Mr. Crabbycat, which can be obtained by completing the "Musicians" Yo-kai Circle.
Dungarees Dungarees (Japanese: カントリーなズボン) Received from the Young Man in front of Steak and Pine 29 in East Pine.
Lively Kimono Lively Kimono (Japanese: おきゃんな着物) Found at the Yo-kai Spot Off The Scale.
Smart Kimono Smart Kimono (Japanese: いなせな着物) Found at Room A-201 at the Tranquility Apartments in Shopper's Row. The Key to Apartment A-201 can be found under the pink car near the stairs in Excellent Tower.
Maid Maid (Japanese: おてんばメイド) Complete the Key Quest Have I Got It, Got It Maid?!.
Cowboy Waistcoat Cowboy Waistcoat (Japanese: ウエスタンベスト) Complete the Key Quest The Prairie Ponies of Hopper's Gorge.
Warriors Armor Warrior's Armor (Japanese: 野武士のよろい) Climb up the wall near Piggleston Bank and get three clues from the voice in the house. Then, head to Dreamer's Field station at night and get the Warrior's Armor from the table behind the Station Agent.
Royal Garb Royal Garb (Japanese: ロイヤルなお召し物) Reward for completing the eating minigame.
Robo Body Robo Body (Japanese: ロボボディ) Excellent Tower, Excellent Expressway (only accessible via Spewcopter)
Jewel Body Jewel Body (Japanese: 宝石ボディ) Mt. Wildwood, Shrine Behind the Waterfall Treasure Chest (Yo-kai Drill required)


Icon Name Requirements
Normal Tail Normal Tail (Japanese: ふつうのしっぽ) Avaliable from the beggining.
Colored Tail Colored Tail (Japanese: 色つきしっぽ) Avaliable from the beggining.
Bobtail Bobtail (Japanese: ボブなしっぽ) Springdale Elementary
Striped Tail Striped Tail (Japanese: しましましっぽ) Complete the quest The Other Me.
Tide Tail Tilde Tail (Japanese: ニョロしっぽ) Pecan Port Treasure Chest.
Fox Tail Fox Tail (Japanese: キツネのしっぽ) Blossom Heights Candy Shop, Lottery Prize.
Heart Tail Heart Tail (Japanese: ラブリーしっぽ) Given by Mr. Crabbycat in exchange for a Golden Ticket.
Jibanyan Tail Jibanyan Tail (Japanese: ジバしっぽ) Illusory Sparkopolis (Yo-kai Drill Required)
Komasan Tail Komasan Tail (Japanese: コマしっぽ) Complete the quest DJ KJ's on the Scene!
Wild Tail Wild Tail (Japanese: ワイルドなしっぽ) Springdale Sports Club
Devil Tail Devil Tail (Japanese: あくまのしっぽ) Complete the quest The Promotion to S-Rank!
Curly Tail Curly Tail (Japanese: ブタのしっぽ) Reward for completing the eating minigame on the train.
Squirrel Tail Squirrel Tail (Japanese: リスのしっぽ) New Yo-kai City, Springdale Street Treasure Box.
Dog Tail Dog Tail (Japanese: イヌのしっぽ) Uptown Springdale, Main Street Treasure box on Post Office roof (only accessible via Spewcopter)
Robo Tail Robo Tail (Japanese: ロボしっぽ) East Pine, Broccoli Blocks Treasure Box on right side of the Mansion (Rank B Watch required)
Jewel Tail Jewel Tail (Japanese: 宝石しっぽ) Complete the quest The Man You Can Never See.

Neck Wear

Icon Name Requirements
Gym Towel Gym Towel (Japanese: ふろあがりタオル) Ring the doorbell at a house near Shoten Temple in Blossom Heights. Accept Percy Vere's endurance test and wait fifteen minutes of real time. After fifteen minutes of real time has passed, talk to Percy Vere to get the Gym Towel.
Work Tie Work Tie (Japanese: しゅっきんネクタイ) Shopper's Row, Shade Road (Only accessible by helicopter, must ring the doorbell of the house next to the hospital first)
Bow Tie Bow Tie (Japanese: よそゆきネクタイ) Yopple HQ, Lobby Treasure Box
Bold Bandana Bold Bandana (Japanese: ぼうけんバンダナ) Rewarded at random by reaching the Remote Relic by raft.
Ruff Ruff (Japanese: 貴族のエリ) East Pine, Old Town (only accessible by helicopter)
Celebratory Bell Celebratory Bell (Japanese: おめでたい鈴) Achieve Official Battle Rank C, then receive the Celebratory Bell from Lambert Post Office or Skycutter Post Office.
Chic Bow Chic Bow (Japanese: シックなリボン) Hazeltine Mansion, Treasure Box on the right side of the pier.
Cute Bow Cute Bow (Japanese: キュートなリボン Kyūtona Ribon) Complete the Detective Agency's Debut Key Request.
Gold Medal Gold Medal (Japanese: 栄光の金メダル) Achieve Official Battle Rank S, then receive the Gold Medal from Lambert Post Office or Skycutter Post Office.
Wanderer Cape Wanderer Cape (Japanese: さすらいのマント) Rewarded after completing the request Meganyan's Mega Diet Plan!
Triumphal Cape Triumphal Cape (Japanese: ガッツのマント) Greenfields Station Treasure Box, behind the station.
Bat Cape Bat Cape (Japanese: コウモリマント) Springdale Sports Club

(Boss Rush, Super Five)

Angel Wings Angel Wings (Japanese: てんしのはね) Reward for beating the record time in a bicycle race.
Jibanyan Bell Jibanyan Bell (Japanese: ジバニャンの鈴) Lottery
Komasan Wrap Komasan Wrap (Japanese: コマふろしき) Lottery
Adult Scarf Adult Scarf (Japanese: おとなマフラー) Received from an event that can occur while taking the train.


Name Requirements Sample
Jibanyan Voice (Japanese: ジバニャン先輩の声) Available from the beginning. EN:
Jibanyan BuildANyanVoice EN

JP:File:Jibanyan BuildANyanVoice JP.ogg
Straynyan Voice (Japanese: 近所のノラネコの声) Available from the beginning.
Kittenyan Voice (Japanese: こねこニャンの声) Available from the beginning.
Tirednyan Voice (Japanese: おねむニャンの声) Available from the beginning.
Lordnyan Voice (Japanese: 殿様ニャンの声) Available from the beginning.
Girlynyan Voice (Japanese: おじょうニャンの声) Reward for completing the Dreamy Four Boss Rush.
Grannyan Voice (Japanese: おばーニャンの声) Sunset Mall 1F, Treasure Box located at the top right corner during late nighttime.
Zombienyan Voice (Japanese: ゾンビニャンの声) Reward for completing the Quest Champy, Catch the Cat Girls!.
Bratnyan Voice (Japanese: だだっこニャンの声) Reward for completing the Key Quest The Mysterious Little Green Aliens.
Naughtynyan Voice (Japanese: わんぱくニャンの声) Nocturne Hospital, Basement Lab Treasure Box on the right side of the area
Kabukinyan Voice (Japanese: かぶきニャンの声) Shopper's Row, Pursie Street, Treasure Box accessible by trespassing the brick wall at nighttime
Maginyan Voice (Japanese: マジカルニャンの声) Mount Wildwood (only accessible via Spewcopter)
Brothernyan Voice (Japanese: おにいニャンの声) Downtown Springdale, Behind Frostia's Place, Treasure Chest (Rank C Watch required)
Dogrampsnyan Voice (Japanese: 犬のおっさんの声) Received from an event that can occur while taking the train.
Papanyan Voice (Japanese: おとーニャンの声) Reward for completing the eating minigame in the Adams House.
Grandanyan Voice (Japanese: おじーニャンの声) Reward for beating the record time in Uptown Springdale.
Sproinyan Voice (Japanese: のぼせブタの声) Reward for completing the Quick Three Boss Rush.
Bernsteinyan Voice (Japanese: 熊島家長男の声) Hazy Lane, as Nate, talk to Bear among the crowd of clappling classmates
Unclenyan Voice (Japanese: おじニャンの声) Speak to the Young Woman near the game store in Sparkopolis.
Kappanyan Voice (Japanese: イマドキカッパの声) Downtown Springdale (only accessible via Spewcopter)
Ancestornyan Voice (Japanese: ごせんぞニャンの声) Blossom Heights (only accessible via Spewcopter)
Whispernyan Voice (Japanese: 白執事の声) San Fantastico, Deserted House in front of the door where Mystery Way used to be
Princessnyan Voice (Japanese: おひめニャンの声)
Coolnyan Voice (Japanese: イケニャンボイス)
Astrobunnyan Voice (Japanese: 宇宙ウサギの声)
Cuteynyan Voice (Japanese: キュートニャンボイス)
Youngunyan Voice (Japanese: ヤングニャンボイス) In Hazy Lane, anwer a phone booth. When lucky, someone (presumably a kid) will tell a small story about cats. Keep listening without hanging up until he eventually stops
Caninyan Voice (Japanese: 白コマイヌの声)
Domestibatnyan Voice (Japanese: 自宅コウモリの声) Clown Time reward
Sumonyan Voice (Japanese: おすもうニャンの声)
Captainyan Voice (Japanese: エンマニャンの声)
Catvaliernyan Voice (Japanese: ぬらニャンの声) Blasters T found in the Clumalayas
Zazenyan Voice (Japanese: ネコ紳士の声) Clear the quest The Yo-kai Council's Secret Order
Enmanyan Voice (Japanese: アバンギャルドな声) Clear the quest Enma Note pt. 2
Angelinyan Voice (Japanese: HANAGEボイス)
Shynyan Voice (Japanese: ちわっちニャンの声)
Nosirnyan Voice (Japanese: フツーな小学生の声) Obtained from the Nosirs at Cherry Hill station
Infanyan Voice (Japanese: はつらつ海キッズの声) In Harrisville, find and talk to Moximous N next to Nathaniel's grave, whilst playing as Nate
Geezernyan Voice (Japanese: 見知らぬおじさんの声) Speak to old man in Scarfit Station
Haileyannyan Voice (Japanese: 隊長さんの声) Complete the quest A Cry for Help and a Family in Need!
Avant-gardnyan Voice (Japanese: はにかみニャンの声) San Fantastico, Old Shack Treasure Box
Peppy Kidsnyan Voice (Japanese: 天使ニャンの声) Little Haven station, daytime, boy who is waving at the ferry at the very left.


The Nyan Yo-kai can be customised with a wide range of colors, that apply to the skin as well as certain body parts. There are a total of thirty-two colors to choose from, and are all available at the beginning.

  • Clean Slate
    R:244, G:240, B:220
  • Coral
    R:255, G:154, B:110
  • Peach
    R:255, G:124, B:124
  • Cherry Blossom
    R:255, G:184, B:194
  • Lavender
    R:184, G:150, B:255
  • Raindrop
    R:94, G:180, B:255
  • Tomato
    R:255, G:20, B:64
  • Lemon
    R:255, G:255, B:40
  • Smoke
    R:255, G:255, B:255
  • Snow
    R:0, G:0, B:0
  • Cappuccino
    R:255, G:0, B:0
  • Butter
    R:0, G:255, B:0
  • Melon
    R:0, G:0, B:255
  • Herb
    R:255, G:255, B:0
  • Ice
    R:255, G:0, B:255
  • Mint
    R:0, G:255, B:255
  • Grape
    R:255, G:255, B:255
  • Dandelion
    R:0, G:0, B:0
  • Orange
    R:255, G:0, B:0
  • Apple
    R:0, G:255, B:0
  • Plum
    R:0, G:0, B:255
  • Prune
    R:255, G:255, B:0
  • Tidal
    R:255, G:0, B:255
  • Jungle
    R:0, G:255, B:255
  • Jet Black
    R:255, G:255, B:255
  • Rock
    R:0, G:0, B:0
  • Chocolate
    R:255, G:0, B:0
  • Coffee
    R:0, G:255, B:0
  • Latte
    R:0, G:0, B:255
  • Bronze
    R:255, G:255, B:0
  • Sky
    R:255, G:0, B:255
  • Green Bean
    R:0, G:255, B:255


  • The time counter used for the Nyan training erroneously uses Japanese " (00'00"00) marks instead of : (00:00:00) like other timers in the game.
  • Originyan's initial Soultimate move, Paws of Furry, is a direct reference to Jibanyan's signature move, Paws of Fury.
  • The English name of the application may be a reference to the teddy-bear manufacturer, Build-A-Bear Workshop.

In other langauges

  • Italian: MioNyan 
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