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Bungaku Seinen Kyubi (Japanese: 文学青年キュウビ Bungaku Seinen Kyubi) is a S Rank Yo-kai of the Mysterious Tribe.


Literary Youth Kyubi is the White Day variant of Kyubi. His outfit consists of a pastel turquoise robe motifed with spirit flames, a white button-up shirt underneath with cuffs that have black buttons on them and night blue hakamas.


Yokai Watch World

He first appeared during the "White Day" event. He's exclusively obtainable through the game's gacha and was only available from the "White Day Yokai Gacha (ホワイトデー 妖怪ガシャ Howaito Dē Yōkai Gasha)" which ran from March 11 (12:00) until March 18 2019 (11:59).


Befriend Quote:"Huh... I was concentrating on my reading but I'll get along."

Game Data

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Sharp Claws (Japanese: するどいつめ Surudoi Tsume) 15×2 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Incinerate (Japanese: れんごくの術 Rengoku no Jutsu) 70 Fire Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Knowledge of Yo-Arts (妖術学の知識 Yōjutsu-gaku no Chishiki) Single ally
Raises the Inspirited Yokai's Spirit.
Soultimate Move Literary Crimson Hell (Japanese: 文学的紅蓮地獄 Bungaku-teki Guren Jigoku) 148 Fire All enemies
Kyubi, who was moved by the beauty of the flame that was expressed in a certain novel, burns all enemies


  • This is Kyubi's second variant to appear in Yokai Watch World with others being Vampire Kyubi, Formal Kyubi, Twilight Kyubi & Travel Kyubi.
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