'Merican Yo-kai (Japanese: メリケン妖怪 Meriken Yōkai) are Yo-kai that can be found in St. Peanutsburg. Their Yo-kai medals can only be inserted into the Yo-kai Watch Model U in order to be summoned.

'Merican Yo-kai Medals are red, much like the Classic Yo-kai Medals. However, they are a more vibrant red and their toy medals are made up of see-through sparkling plastic, and their Medals' backgrounds tend to have a comic book aesthetic to them, with the names of the Yo-kai being put in a word bubble. In addition, the squares that contain the directional arrow and the Yo-kai tribe icon are instead made like flags, though some 'Merican Yo-kai have Dream Yo-kai Medals, instead of 'Merican Medals, which resemble poker chips.

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