Present Yo-kai (Japanese: イマドキ妖怪 Imadoki Yōkai) is an un-official name given to Yo-kai who hail from the present day of Japan in time within the Yo-kai Watch series, given this name retroactively following the release of Yo-kai Watch 2 and the debut of the Classic Yo-kai.

The Present Yo-kai have a variety of differently-styled Yo-kai Medals.

  • The Yo-kai originally released with the first game have silver nondescript medals, with trapezoid-shaped corners that frame the etched-in directional arrow and tribe insignia of that Yo-kai.
  • Following the advent of the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, all newly introduced Present Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2 have Z Medals (Japanese: Zメダル Zetto Medaru), which are pastel green-colored Yo-kai Medals.
  • Those who have Z-Medals following the introduction of the Yo-kai Watch U are named U Medals (Japanese: Uメダル Yū Medaru) due to these Medals featuring a little "U" in the top right corner of the Medal's artwork. Among the Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3 have those medals.
    • Additionally, with the advent of the Yo-kai Watch Dream, Present Yo-kai can change out their previous medals, be they Normal Medals, Z Medals, or U Medals, into Dream Medals (Japanese: ドリームメダル Dorīmu Medaru).
  • The 'Merican Yo-kai are considered a sub-section of Present Yo-kai based in America.

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