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A Celestial (Japanese: 幻獣 Genjuu) are Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside. They're of the same status as the Sword Bearer.


A Celestial are beast-like Yo-kai, who can be summoned with the Yo-kai Watch Animas, using items called "Celestial Discs", which are similar to the Yo-kai Medals, except for their rounded-triangle-like shape and their stained glass-like pictures.

They are ruled by a Celestial King (Japanese: 幻王 Gen'ō, meaning "Mythical King") who had distributed the Sacred Armory to five of them, granting each of those five a Sword Bearer form. As a result, it seems evident that not all Celestial possess such a form.

In Yo-kai Watch 4, the Celestial are not playable. However, Bruno, starting from chapter 3, can summon them when X and A buttons are pressed, then by selecting the desired Celestial to attack and have other bonuses. (for example, Kyryn grants passive healing).

List of Celestial

Celestial (Japanese: 幻獣 Genjū) Appearance Celestial Disk
Suzaku Suzaku Genjuu.png Suzaku Disk.jpg
Kyryn (Celestial) KirinShadowsideArtwork.jpg Kirin Disk.jpg
Byakko GenjuuByakkoArtwork.png Byakko Disk.jpg
Genbu Genbugenjuu.PNG Genbu Disk-0.jpg
Souryuu Souryuu 2D.jpg Souryuu Disk-0.jpg


  • The 5 known confirmed Celestial appear to parallel the Bit Beasts of the original Beyblade generation in terms of origins.
  • The Celestial disks are considered key items, like the Sacred Armory.