Champy (Japanese: なめ吉 Namekichi) is a fictitious character that appears in the Yo-kai Watch series. It is of an anthropomorphic yellow mushroom with big eyes, nose and a smile with blush on its cheeks.

Hailey Anne Thomas is known to be a fan of Champy, and tends to compare his appearance to Usapyon, annoying him in the process.

In the games

Yo-kai Watch 3

A bunch of Champies appear in Illusionary Sparkopolis during Chapter 3, after Yo-kai Hoaxy-Coaxy creates illusions of Hailey's interests that appear in the world.

In the anime

Champy first makes an appearance in Usapyon Is Here!, where Hailey first notices that Usapyon's face resembles that of the Champy keychain she has.

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