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Chirpster (Japanese: つづらチュン太夫 Tsuzurachun-dayū) is a Boss Yo-kai, and the Hidden Boss Yo-kai of the Old Mansion, unlocked by performing some Requests that appear in the Old Mansion.



Chirpster is a giant bird Yo-kai with clothing. He is holding a fan in his right hand. His right arm is on a mini table, and he is sitting on a pillow.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, it is revealed that Liarbird is Chirpster's son.


Yo-kai Watch

Chirpster appears as an optional boss. He can be fought in the Old Mansion after performing a series of requests.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Chirpster appears as an optional boss. He can be fought in the Old Mansion as part of a request.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Chirpster appears as an optional boss. He can be fought in the Old Mansion during the request Run Through The Old Mansion.


Chirpster has two box Yo-kai named Lil’Box and Big Box that may lick your Yo-kai, making them numb and unable to move as a result. They may also use an attack called Lickety Lick. This attack will heal Chirpster.

In his move, Which Will it Be?, Chirpster will make the player choose one of the boxes. If the player picks the wrong box, either all of the player's Yo-kai will take damage, or Chirpster will recover more than 300 HP.

When Chirpster uses the attack Chirpster Lovin, one of the player's Yo-kai will become infatuated with him, confusing them.

His technique is Gusty Winds.


Chirpster might be a portmantaue of "Chirp" and "Trickster".


Chirpster and his son are based on the fairy tale Shita-kiri Suzume (Japanese: 舌切り雀 "The Tongue-Cut Sparrow"), in which an old man searches for a bird he had cared for that had flown off when his wife cruelly cut off its tongue. The sparrow and its family thank the man for his kindness and offer him with the choice of either taking a small or a large basket. The man takes the small basket which turns out to be full of treasure, while his wife takes the large basket out of greed, but that one turns out to be full of monsters, causing her to die from shock.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese つづらチュン太夫/Tsuzurachun-dayū
Flag of France French Didgeai
Flag of Spain Spanish Cantaderna
Flag of Germany German Flechtigall
Flag of Italy Italian Malvimini
Flag of South Korea Korean 짹짹바구니/Jjaegjjaegbaguni

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