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Chiyoko (Japanese: チヨコ Chiyoko), also known as Jogora (Japanese: ジョゴラ Jogora) is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Onnen tribe.



Chiyoko in her lightside form appears to be a young, tiny girl with long dark brown hair with a pink bow headband on top of her head. She's also wearing a brown dress, dark brown leggings and pink shoes.

In her shadowside form, Jogora appears as a tall, woman with long dark brown hair that looks like melted chocolate and a pink bow headband that's melted chocolate. She's also wearing a brown dress that looks like melted chocolate.


Both of Chiyoko's names are derived from the word chocolate (Japanese: チョコレート chokorēto), though Jogora seems to be a rendaku corruption of the French word chocolat (Japanese: ショコラ shokora).


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