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Count Cavity (Japanese: 虫歯伯爵 Mushiba-hakushaku) is a Rank S, Fire-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Shady tribe.

Count Cavity is one of the Yo-kai required to unlock Gilgaros.



A grinning light purple imp with green eyes and crescent-shaped horns. He has green slitted eyes, a purple nose, and goatee. He wears a red cape fastened around his neck, black gloves with gold rings around his arms, and black pants tucked into purple boots. He carries a gold pitchfork in his right hand. He has an appearance related to Beelzebold.

He can cause his targets to develop a cavity, and harm their teeth a lot.


Yo-kai Watch

Count Cavity can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with a Blue Coin, Five-Star Coin or Special Coin.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Count Cavity can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with a Blue coin, Five-Star Coin or Special Coin, and he can be found in the Infinite Tunnel 7,000+ yards in. Additionally, he appears randomly after brushing your teeth.

As of the Oni Evolution Update, he can also be freed from the Happy-Go-Lucky Crank-a-kai.

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Count Cavity can be found by completing the mission, Collect 500 stars.

Additional Count Cavity can be found by doing battles with your Medal Points.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Once again, Count Cavity can be found in the Crank-a-kai in Japan. He can be freed with a Blue Coin a 5-Star Coin, or a Special Coin. There's also a chance that he can be befriended at Cluphinx Raised Paw 4 in the Blasters T mode.

Game Data


Fire Attribute
Mushiba Hakushaku YW7-030
Count Cavity
Level 30
Fire Attribute



Fire Attribute
Mushiba Hakushaku YW7-030
Count Cavity
Fire Attribute


Fire Attribute



Mushiba Hakushaku YW7-030
Stats Calculation
This shows Count Cavity's stat on level: 99.

Stats in Wibble Wobble

Stats Calculation
Soultimate Move
Other Effects
Soultimate Levels
LV01 00
LV02 00
LV03 00
LV04 00
LV05 00
LV06 00
LV07 00
Skill Levels
LV01 Effect: 00
LV02 Effect: 00
LV03 Effect: 00
LV04 Effect: 00
LV05 Effect: 00

Attribute Tolerance

Fire icon Ice icon Earth icon Lightning icon Water icon Wind icon
Tolerance of attribute attack
Strong × ⇒ △ ⇒ - ⇒ ○ ⇒ ◎ weak


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Stab Storm (Japanese: 疾風づき Shippū-zuki) 10x5 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Incinerate (Japanese: れんごくの術 Rengoku no Jutsu) 80-120 Fire Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Cavity (Japanese: 虫歯にする Mushiba ni suru) Single enemy
Gives a foe a nasty cavity and gradually decreases HP.
Soultimate Move Bacteria Barrage (Japanese: 漆黒ミュータンス Shikkoku myūtansu) 160 All enemies
Steadily decreases enemy HP while giving them jet-black cavities.
Skill Extreme Critical (Japanese: 超クリティカル Chō Kuritikaru)
Power of critical attacks is high.


  • When Befriended (Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble): "Be my friend, or I'll make all your teeth fall out!"


  • "Mushiba-hakushaku" translates as "Count Cavity".
  • "Conde Caries" is translates as "Count Cavities".

In the anime

Warning: plot & spoiler details are listed below.

Count Cavity appears near the end of The High-Fright Zone, when it is revealed he was the cause of Nate's cavity and the subsequent trip to the dentist complete with all the terrors he got from a Blazion-possessed dentist way back in EP006. Upon realizing this, Nate smacks Whisper and Count Cavity with his paper fan because Nate thinks Count Cavity is a jerk and Whisper said that there was no Yo-kai who could cause cavities.

Spoilers end here.


  • When snapped in the Yo-kai Cam, his tip is, "You're a step away from a cavity. If you brush well, you'll be OK!"
  • County Cavity's "random" nicknames in Yo-kai Watch 2 are: Floss, Vlad, Hurtooth, and Doc Kay.

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In other languages

  • Japanese: 虫歯伯爵 Mushiba-hakushaku
  • Korean: 충치백작 Chungchibaekjak
  • Italian: Conte Cario
  • Spanish: Conde Caries
  • German: Graf Karies
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Conde Cárie

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