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Cream Puffs, also known as Minimellowman (Japanese: ミニマロマン Minimaroman), are Whisped Cream's minions in Yo-kai Watch Blasters. When pieces of Whisped Cream are separated, they become Cream Puffs.


Cream Puffs look very much like a Whisped Cream and Whismellowman sharing the same facial features and color as them.


Cream Puffs will spawn during Whisped Cream stages when he uses his "Cream Puff" attack or when his first phase is defeated. Cream Puffs also appear as common enemies on the moon during Captain Thunder and Pink Emperor stages, and as common enemies in Harrisville during the Whisped Cream stage "The B-Team's legendary path!"


  • In the game, they only can say "Mini" or "Puff," except for the one cream puff that contains Whisped Cream's brain, which can speak like him. In the Japanese version, all Cream Puffs can only say "Minimellow" (ミニマロ).

In other languages

  • Japanese: ミニマロマン
  • Italian: Budino Soffiato
  • German: Sahnestückchen
  • French: Patachou
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