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"One day soon, when I've accomplished on what I promised him, I'll thank him face-to-face. I can't wait for that day."
—Doctor Hughly

Doctor Hughly (Japanese: ヒューリー博士 Hyūrī Hakase) is a character that appears in the Yo-kai Watch series. He appears as a minor character in the Yo-kai Watch anime while he plays a role in the storyline of Yo-kai Watch 3.

He is a worker at the NASU space training program, who aims to launch a rocket into outer space. He tried doing so with his pet otter he adopted from a rabbit pen, only for the rocket to crash land upon launch and the otter to turn into a Yo-kai.


He has a blue eyes and a large eyebrows. He has brown hair with a curly hair backwards.

His outfit is consists of a light blue shirt with a yellow-blue striped ties covered by an lab coat. He also wears black jeans and brown shoes.


In the anime

Usapyon Is Here!

Hailey Anne and Usapyon's Bitty RoKit Weekly: The Launch!

In the games

In the manga



Hailey Anne

Doctor Hughly sees Hailey Anne as a complete stranger with an over-the-top personality, due to her characteristics. Though, as he learn about Usapyon's real origin, He sees Hailey Anne as someone who can talk to as he goes on to pursue his dreams.


  • Doctor Hughly is the only minor character in the Yo-kai Watch anime to only appear in a total of four episodes. If the cameos aren't counted, it would be two.

In other languages

  • Italian: Hughly Volalt
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