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Dorothy wearing her hat.

Dorothy Hazeltine (Japanese: ドロシー・ヘーゼルタイン Doroshi Hēzerutain) is a supporting character that appears in Yo-kai Watch 3. She is the older sister of Buck.


Physical Traits

Dorothy is a young girl with long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

She wears a pink dress, and often a matching pink hat.


Yo-kai Watch 3

Dorothy is sometimes seen in early chapters of the game, walking around St. Peanutsburg together with her nanny, Sally.

She plays an important role in Chapter 7, where Buck gets Hailey and Nate to join him in exploring Hazeltine Mansion, which he believes to have been taken over by aliens, unbeknownst to the latter two that it is actually his home.


Dorothy's strange walk.

Nate and Hailey end up being separated from him, and as they look for him, they witness Dorothy walking down a stairway, on all fours, and on her back, terrifying the gang.

Later, when reunited with Buck, he insists they enter her room, and find that Beddy-Byes is inspiriting her. After the fight, Buck calls out to Dorothy, revealing that she is his older sister and that Hazeltine Mansion is their home all along. He attempts to attack Beddy-Byes once more, but Dorothy stops him.

She addresses Beddy-Byes as "Mother", and it turns out she is actually a Yo-kai incarnation of their mother's feelings, and merely wanted to protect her children by keeping them confined to the mansion. Furthermore, Dorothy and Buck explain that their parents are not deceased, they just left the mansion to work in another city, with Sally taking care of the two.

As everyone is about to leave, Dorothy starts walking on all fours again, and when she realizes this confuses the others, she reveals that it is actually a health exercise called The bridge, nothing more. Saying that confuses the others even more, including Yo-kai. They immediately start mimicking her exercise, followed by a fade-out to end the chapter.

In Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, a version of Dorothy from a parallel world plays a role in the request "That is a World that exists Somewhere" (Japanese: それはどこかにある世界 "Sore wa doko ka ni aru Sekai").

In the parallel world, Dorothy is the best BBQ friend of that world's Katie, similar to how Buck is the best BBQ friend of Nate in the regular world. This Dorothy, after spending the day hanging out with Katie and Fuu 2, asks her to look into what Buck has been up to.

At the end of the quest, the regular Dorothy makes an appearance too, being the first human the other Katie met in the regular world, now in the form of Mee 2. Dorothy ends up being the one guiding her to find Nate in the regular world.

The other Dorothy from the parallel world also plays a minor role in the 4.0 quest "The Three Yo-kai Watches" (Japanese: 3つの妖怪ウォッチ Mitsu no Yōkai Wotchi).


  • Dorothy's weird health exercise is a reference to the 1973 horror film The Excorcist.
  • Dorothy is one of few characters to keep their names from the original Japanese version, alongside Mr. Box.

In other languages

  • Italian: Dorothy La Nocciola
  • Spanish: Dorothy Hazeltine
  • French: Ashley Cardamom
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