Downtown Springdale (Japanese: さくら中央シティ Sakura Chūō Shiti) is a major commercial area of Springdale that appears in Yo-kai Watch games. It has a lot of places and restaurants to visit, and is where the Springdale Railway is located.

There are three pathways leading to other parts of town. Shopper's Row is accessed from the west, while Uptown Springdale can be visited at the north. Breezy Hills is visit-able via the Seabreeze Tunnel.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, the Springdale Underground Area can be accessed, which connects to other places like the Sunset Mall and the Parking Lot.

Places of Interest

Springdale Central Station

Arcadia Arcade

The Arcadia Arcade is an arcade containing claw machines and arcade systems, though none of them can be played or interacted with in the games. It plays a minor role in a quest.

Frostia's Place

Main article: Frostia's Place

Frostia's Place is a bar found on Tipsy Way, and is only accessible during the evening, though it can be entered during the daytime from the back door from the Alleyway.

In Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch 3, the player can buy Snacks from the place.

Golden Egg

There is a Golden Egg monument located in the southern entrance of Springdale Central Station, opposite Nom Burger. In the main series games, the egg can be rubbed for good luck which if done enough will award the player with certain items much like the Shrine at Mount Wildwood.

The ability for the egg to be rubbed must be activated by a certain way depending on the game; in Yo-kai Watch, the player must speak to a character near the area. In Yo-kai Watch 2, the player must ring the doorbell at a house located next to the vacant lot and Nocturne Hosptal. In Yo-kai Watch 3, a teenager who runs near the Shoten Temple at Blossom Heights must be spoken to.

Depending on how many times the Golden Egg is rubbed, an item may be given. In Yo-kai Watch 3, a shining giant chick will appear from the egg in the northern entrance of the station and will drop rare items when it runs across the street.

Springdale Business Tower

Construction Site

Main article: Construction Site

In Yo-kai Watch, there is an area accessible during the main storyline of the game, which is of a construction site.

Springdale Sports Club

Main article: Springdale Sports Club

Springdale Underground Area

Sunset Mall



Nom Burger

Cafe Shanista

Frostia's Place


Item Name Location Games
Fancy That! Iss. 14 Fancy That! Iss. 14 On top of the building with the swimming pool next to Seabreeze Tunnel (Helicopter required) YW3
Black Badge Black Badge In the parking lot next to the Springdale Business Tower. YW2
Snow Pea Snacks Snow Pea Snacks Western part of the area, in the tiny path leading to the house. YW2
Medium Exporb Medium Exporb Western part of the area, in the tiny path leading to the house. YW
Medium Exporb Medium Exporb Next to the Arcadia Arcade, situated in front of a building corner. YW2
Staminum2 Staminum In the parking lot across the police station. YW2
32px Support Life No. 7 Tucked in the corner across the road from Springdale Sports Club. YW2
32px Support Life No. 7 Behind the Springdale Business Tower. YW2
Choice Tuna Choice Tuna Behind the stairs leading to Cafe Shanista near the boardwalk. YW
A Serious Life A Serious Life Next to the stairs leading to Springdale Central Station from the southern side. YW
YWCoinOrange Orange Coin Tucked in the bottom-right corner of the parking lot near Nom Burger. YW2
Color Stars Eyes On a building near the Springdale Underground Area. (Helicopter required) YW3
Kappanyan Voice On a building at the left side and southern entrance of the station. (Helicopter required) YW3


  • In the Arcadia Arcade, the cardboard cutout of the character is reminiscent popular Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, along with the arcade machines that resembles the button layout of Project DIVA Arcade.
    • This is further referenced in Yo-kai Watch 2, as the talk between two people reference the arcade game they're playing is music-related.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese さくら中央シティ Sakura Chūō Shiti
Flag of France French Centre–ville de Granval
Flag of Spain Spanish Floridablanca sur
Flag of Germany German Innenstadt
Flag of Italy Italian Valdoro centro
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Lenthuizen (centrum)
Flag of Russia Russian Деловой район Спрингдейла Delovoy rayon Springdeyla
Flag of South Korea Korean 진달래 다운타운 Jindallae dauntaun
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