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Dr. Nogut (Japanese: キモナシ先生 Kimonashi-sensei) is a Drain-attribute Boss Yo-kai.



Dr. Nogut is a recolor of Dr. Maddiman and thus greatly resembles him.

His skin is of a greenish-grey color, with several dark cyan patches on it. His heart, which he wears on his chest is purple, with another dark cyan patch. His pants are white, and his coat and slippers are black in color, with golden buttons. His scalpels and IV stand are golden as well. The head mirror that doubles as his eye is red in color, with his iris being yellow.


Yo-kai Watch

Dr. Nogut appears as an optional Boss Yo-kai, being the 5th boss in the Infinite Inferno, and needing to be defeated to gain access to the 6th floor.

When confronted, the background changes to the operation studio in which Dr. Maddiman is battled. Whisper tries to remember who he was, causing the protagonist reveals he was the one who tried to operate on him/her. Whisper responds that he regrets not taking the physic exam with him/her, and the protagonist suggests letting him examine Whisper.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Dr. Nogut returns as an optional Boss Yo-kai, being the 5th boss of the Infinite Inferno once more.

As with the previous battle, the background changes to the operation studio in which Dr. Maddiman is battled. This time, Whisper pays no attention to him and instead asks the player what to eat when they leave, to which he/she mentally asks if Whisper is bored.

Alternatively, he can be fought at the Sports Club, in the Great eight-streak Boss Rush level.


Being a recolor of Dr. Maddiman, Dr. Nogut has a similar set techniques at his disposal. Aside from attacking with scalpels, has the ability to take a Yo-kai's heart away, causing them to become strange and attack allies. He may also take control of a Yo-kai's nerves and make them move where he wants them to while taking their heart away. The hearts he steals appear in several spots in the background, and using those hearts, he is able to restore his own HP, which can prolong the battle if left unchecked. To avoid this, the player has to pop those hearts in the touch screen, and if doing this while Dr. Nogut is preparing to recover, he will be stunned, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. He can also empty out a Yo-kai's Soul Meter, preventing them from using their Soultimate. His Soultimate, Double Dare, deals damage to the Yo-kai in the front row, and causes them to gradually lose HP, so they need to be purified.

Game Data


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Scalpel Zapper (Japanese: メスでザッパー Mesu de Zappā) - Single Column
Technique Soul Absorb (Japanese: 妖力吸収 Yōryoku Kyūshū) - Single enemy
Empties the opponent's Soul Meter
Technique Blood Refill (Japanese: 血液補給 Ketsueki Hokyū) - Self
Heals himself through the use of hearts surrounding him. Amount of HP depends on number of hearts.
Inspirit Change of Heart (Japanese: ココロチェンジ Kokoro Chenji) - Single enemy
Takes opponent's heart, making them become strange and attack their allies.
Soultimate Move Double Dare (Japanese: 内臓がないぞー! Naizō ga nai zō!) - 3 fields
Hits three fields with dangerous chemicals that inspirit on contact, causing HP to gradually decrease


"Kimonashi-sensei" is derived from "kimo" (Japanese: innards) and "nashi" (Japanese: なし none), with "sensei" (Japanese: 先生 "doctor" or "teacher") added as an honorific.

Dr. Nogut is derived from "no guts", with the title "Doctor" added.


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese キモナシ先生 Kimonashi-sensei
Flag of France French Pr Létripe
Flag of Spain Spanish Dr. Sintripas
Flag of Germany German Dr. Nogut
Flag of Italy Italian Doc Primatto

Korean: 의사일리가없어 uisailliga-eobs-eo

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