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Komasan in the City: Urban Living (Japanese: コマさん ~はじめての待ち合わせ編~ Komasan ~Hajimete no Machiawase-hen~), Yo-kai Buhu (Japanese: 妖怪トホホギス Yōkai Tohohogisu), and The Legend of Shogunyan (Japanese: レジェンド妖怪! ブシニャン見参! Rejendo Yōkai! Bushinyan Kenzan!) is the 10th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series.


Nate finds terrible things happening to him, and find out about Yo-kai Buhu. Nate summons his first legendary Yo-kai, Shogunyan.


Komasan in the City: Urban Living

Yo-kai Buhu

The Legend of Shogunyan

EP010 SG3 1

At home, Whisper is impressed at the Yo-kai Medals that Nate has collected in his Yo-kai Medallium, that makes Nate happy that he has a force of Yo-kai by his side. Suddenly, the Yo-kai Medallium starts to glow and fall to the floor out of their control, which makes them both shocked at the unexpected occurrence, and increases even more when Whisper finds out that a Legendary Yo-kai is about to emerge from the pages.

When Whisper explains that specfic Yo-kai Medals in possession are required to summon Legendary Yo-kai, a group of eight Yo-kai from the pages gather in a circle and creates a binding golden light while the summoning chant is heard. Jibanyan shows up in the scene, feeling tired and heads inside Hidabat's closet to take a nap out of boredom.

EP010 SG3 2

Nate thinks that Jibanyan was the Legendary Yo-kai all along, but Whisper disapproves of his theory claiming that they take time to fully appear. A blue cat looking like Jibanyan suddenly comes out of Hidabat's closet, whereas Nate thinks that he's just Jibanyan all along, but the cat sternly corrects him as Shogunyan each time Nate tries to disprove him. Whisper says he's never heard of Shogunyan, until he looks it up on his Yo-kai Pad and finds out that not much is known about him other than his power.

They both argue even more if Shogunyan is really a Legendary Yo-kai as not much is known about him, and both surprisingly find that he's adapted to modern life such as taking photos of himself on a smartphone and showing his addiction towards Next HarMEOWny. Because of what they just seen, Nate claims that it confirms his theory of Shogunyan being Jibanyan dressed up in a samurai costume.

EP010 SG3 3

A baseball suddenly comes flying into Nate's bedroom while he and Whisper were both aruging, but gets saved in the nick of time after Shogunyan slices it in half with his sword. While Whisper says that the Yo-kai is actually Shogunyan after all, the Legendary Yo-kai finds a plate of Baumkuchen on Nate's desk and slices it into three. Nate decides to have one slice of the cake after being intrigued by Shogunyan's sword-slicing skills and takes a liking to it.

Nate has the second slice while the last is saved for Whisper, but Shogunyan suddenly becomes shocked and angered because he couldn't have the last piece in which he considers to be "disrespectful" towards Legendary Yo-kai and threatens to execute them both with his sword. Shogunyan charges at full force with his sword and aims towards Nate only to be shielded by Whisper and sliced in half.

EP010 SG3 4

Whisper falls to the ground, who is apparently close to his death which makes Nate sad but he fakes it and pieces himself back together, claiming that "Yo-kai can't die". While they both laugh it off, Shogunyan tearfully notices that the two of them have a strong friendship and understands why he didn't share the cake with him. The Legendary Yo-kai hands Nate his Yo-kai Medal, and hopes he will be friends with his descendant Jibanyan.

After Shogunyan abruptly leaves Nate and Whisper by entering Hidabat's closet, Nate further wonders if Shogunyan is actually Jibanyan's ancestor where Whisper clarifies that Shogunyan is actually Jibanyan's ancestor's spirit on his Yo-kai Pad. Jibanyan comes out of Hidabat's closet after he had a nap and shockingly finds that his Next HarMEOWny merchandise has been left outside and his Chocobars have gone missing, crying in embarrassment.







  • This is the 1st episode a Legendary Yo-kai debuts.
  • The dog statue Komasan appears on is likely a parody of the Hachiko statue found in Shibuya, Japan.
    • The real-life statue itself would ironically later appear in M02.
  • This also is the first time Whisper says "Oh the pain!" if the recap is counted.
  • The cake that Shogunyan slices into three is actually a German cake called Baumkuchen, which is a popular dessert in Japan.
  • The ice cream cone sundae Nate buys from Nom Burger is not sold in the games at all, nor when it was available as a food item in Yo-kai Watch 3.

Dub Differences

  • Melon bread was renamed to donuts. The "Sold out" sign was also partially redesigned, with an image of a chocolate donut in the center, and the bread on the top left recolored from green to beige.
  • As usual, the yellow "M" logo from Nom Burger was removed.
  • The poster of Fiona of Next HarMEOWny on the closet door was edited to have more clothing worn over, in similar akin to The Sleepover.


  • When Komasan and Komajiro are shown from view with the traffic light present, Komasan's head is drawn too small.
  • When the baseball flies into the room at first, the lines are missing until Shogunyan slices it in half.
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