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Kyubi: Operation Heartbreak (Japanese: キュウビのキュンキュン大作戦 出会い編 Kyūbi no Kyunkyun Daisakusen Deai-hen), Yo-kai Gargaros (Japanese: 鬼時間 Oni Jikan), and Komasan: Movin On Up! Episode 2 (Japanese: コマさんシーズン2 田舎者はバラ色に Episode2 Komasan shīzun 2 inakamono wa bara-iro ni Episode2) is the 18th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series.


Yo-kai Kyubi arrives in Springdale and attempts to steal Katie's heart. When Nate goes out of the house without her mother's permission, he is warped into Terror Time with Yo-kai Gargaros. Komasan’s new ideas seem to be stolen by a rival company, leaving the president suspicious of who is behind all of this.


Kyubi: Operation Heartbreak

Yo-kai Gargaros







  • The way Kyubi and Nate faint in Recap Time is a reference to the Japanese Manga called Naze kashōsuke, complete with the katakana SFX applied to it.

Dub Differences

  • The background on the title card of Kyubi's segment is animated, while it does not in the dub. Another interesting note is that the "Kyubi" has a small solid block, even though there was no kanji in the original. Also note is that the "kanji pop up" is still retained.
    • Oddly enough, international releases of the American-English dub didn't have issues with the animated background and small block.
  • In the original version, Katie calls Kyubi a "kyuuri" (cucumber), and gives him the food at hand. The dub changes it that Katie calls him a "QB" (Quarterback), and gives Kyubi a pickle as nutrition. As such, the cucumber was renamed to a pickle.
  • The cream bread was renamed to a cream-filled donut. Unlike how curry bread was renamed to whoopie pies in The Rare One, the item in the game is referred to as a Custard Bread.
  • The omoteampedic katakana symbol (ズッ) was removed in the Recap Time.


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