Yo-kai Watch

Komasan: Movin On Up! Episode 3 (Japanese: コマさんシーズン2 田舎者はバラ色に Episode3 Komasan Shīzun 2 Inakamono wa Bara-iro ni Episode3), Yo-kai Baku (Japanese: 妖怪バク Yōkai Baku), and Kyubi: Operation Amusement Park (Japanese: キュウビのキュンキュン大作戦 遊園地編 Kyuubi no Kyunkyun Daisakusen Yūenchi-hen) is the 19th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series.


Komasan helps the Dandai president's daughter become a famous dancer. At Springdale Elementary, All the humans during class except Nate fall asleep because of the Yo-kai Baku. Nate summons a legendary Yo-kai with his Yo-kai Watch for the first time. Kyubi attempts to steal Katie's heart at the amusement park.






  • This is the first time Nate summons a legendary Yo-kai in the anime.
  • Some of the dreams that the characters have are references or parodies:
    • Katie's dream may be a reference to the "eight-headed monar" originating from Japanese website 2ch forums, where it is composed of ASCII characters forming a human with a Japanese text emoticon as the head.
    • Bear's dream bears some resemblance to Ultraman in the 1983 film Kaettekita Ultraman Mattoarō 1-gō Hasshin Meirei.
    • Jibanyan's dream parodies his Paws of Fury attack in a more realistic fashion that strongly resembles Kenshiro from the Hokuto no Ken anime series.

Dub Differences

  • Like the previous episode, the kyuuri (cucumber) pun was renamed to a "QB" (quarterback) in the English dub.
  • Even though the roller coaster is called "Jet Coaster", it was not named in the dub. The drop ride was "The Plunger" in the dub, but it didn't have a name in the original.
  • The poster for the roller coaster was edited. The original was just called "Sakura Lano", while the dub just calls it "The Suspension Bridge Effect".
  • During Recap Time, Nate asks Whisper on showing what he is dreaming about. The dub changes it, as Nate just remarks that he's having a similar dream like everyone else in the episode.
    • Whisper asks Nate about being a 2000-foot Yo-kai with the former remarking he's just trying, while the dub states that Whisper is the tallest Yo-kai in the world, with Nate saying "Told ya, so."
    • The geographical location of the Earth was changed from Japan to the continent of North America, with addition of some clouds.
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