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Fitno-Failure (Japanese: 運動会は妖怪がいっぱい! Undōkai wa Yōkai ga Ippai!), Springdale Five-YO: The Finale (Japanese: 太陽にほえるズラ 最終話「殉職」 Taiyō ni Hoeru zura: Saishū-wa), and Gourmet School Lunch: Preview (Japanese: 給食のグルメ 予告 Kyūshoku no Gurume: Yokoku) is the 37th episode of Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on September 26, 2014, and in the United States on August 27, 2016.


Today is Sports Day at Springdale Elementary, and Nate finds out about the Yo-kai that are making it awry. Komasan and Whisper try to search for a criminal in a warehouse.



Springdale Five-Yo: The Finale

Gourmet School Lunch: Preview





  • The Gourmet School Lunch: Preview segment is the shortest Mini Corner in the entire series. It's also one of the few segments to be a setup for the next episode.

Dub differences

  • The themes in the finale of the Springdale Five-YO segment was slightly rewritten in the English dub. In the original, Whisper states that if Komasan quits his job, it would set off a "death flag" while it was changed to "something terribly bad" happening in the English dub. That led to the imaginative scene of the man getting knocked out completely cut.
    • The scene with Komasan and Whisper exploring the warehouse to find the culprit was slightly edited. While the gunfire was heard, the gunshot was cut out even though the barrel still leaked.
    • When Whisper gets shot by the bullet wound, it was completely covered up in the English dub. Though, a similar scene was featured in Yokai Aprilfools which was unedited.
    • Even though all of the edits were made, Whisper mentions "laying in my deathbed", when he was left behind which wasn't present in the original.


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