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Venoct's Revenge 3: The Army of Evil (Japanese: さすらいのオロチ 第三幕 地獄の軍団 Sasurai no Orochi Dai-San-Maku Jigoku no Gundan), Yo-kai Drizzelda & Ray O'Light (Japanese: 妖怪雨女と晴れ男 Yōkai Ameonna to Hareotoko), and Yo-kai Jumbelina (Japanese: 妖怪つらがわり Yōkai Tsuragawari) is the 52nd episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on January 16, 2015, and in the United States on December 26, 2016.


Venoct attempts to hunt for Rubeus J at Springdale Elementary. Nate's field trip on a sunny day is ruined when he discovers Katie is possessed by the Yo-kai Drizzelda. The Yo-kai Ray O'Light attempts to impress Drizzelda. The Yo-kai Jumbelina appears and mixes up everyone's faces, but she misplaces Nate's, leading the group on a hunt for his original face.


Venoct's Revenge 3: The Army of Evil

Yo-kai Drizzelda & Ray O'Light

Yo-kai Jumbelina






Yo-kai Face Cameos


  • In the United Kingdom, this episode is considered to be the finale of Season 2. This makes it somewhat inconsistent, because the conclusion of Venoct's Revenge would happen in the next episode, leaving it incomplete.
  • The scene where Rubeus J's army raising their arms is a reference to the Shocker group from the Kamen Rider series.

Dub Differences

Army of Hell upclose

The removed scene.

  • The shot of Rubeus J's army raising their arms has been edited out in the dub, likely because it resembled a Nazi salute.
  • The billboard for housing was changed to a mural of some sort.
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