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Kaptain Komasan and The Surprise Ending (Japanese: 金妖スペシャル!コマさん探検隊 最終回 とは思っていたが!やっぱり訪れた衝撃の結末!『矢良瀬ディレクター』最後の日! Kin'yō Supesharu! Koma-san Tankentai Saishūkai Kuru ka Kuru ka to wa Omotteita ga! Yappari Otozureta Shōgeki no Ketsumatsu! 'Yayose-direkutā' Saigo no Hi!), Sour Milk? (Japanese: 伝説の牛乳ぞうきん Densetsu no Gyūnyū Zōkin) is the 65th episode of Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on April 17, 2015, and in the United States on April 8, 2017.


Phonius is sad to find out that media outlets have found his series fake, so Komasan and Komajiro try to get his career back on track. When Katie leaves a milk cloth on a windowsill, it eventually stinks up the classroom thanks to Yo-kai Cuttincheez.


Kaptain Komasan and The Surprise Ending

Phonius is seen reading a newspaper until he sees an article exposing Kaptain Komasan's Expedition Team as a fake. Meanwhile, Komasan and Komajiro watch a news broadcast with the same headline from Phonius' newspaper, where they talk about how the Amazonian caveman Jular Geroe is just "Regular Joe" spelled backwards, Chappie posed as each guide, and Mr. Phonius acted as the "snake" in the production while exploiting the human forms of Komasan and Komajiro.

At the TV network, Mr. Phonius is told by his boss Alexander that his show has been cancelled. While clearing up the props that were never put to use in the staff room, Phonius and his workers go through them as Phonius states that he wasn't trying to trick anyone. He finds some unusual-looking items that were related to his scrapped expedition ideas and gets asked about them, and awkwardly replies to him about his show having a lot of plans.

When he leaves the TV studio with his stuff, he is approached by Komasan and Komajiro after they learned about the news story relating to his television show's cancellation. Later on in the evening, Phonius explained his childhood memory in the hospital relating to the items his uncle found on his expeditions, which kept him fascinated. Even though it turns out all of the items were fake, and his uncle turned out to have a regular job, Phonius was still impressed with his stories.

Phonius wonders about filming something that is real, Komasan suddenly has an idea and decide to ask Nate and Hidabat for some help, by summoning a Yo-kai. After Nate summons Dromp, Komasan spreads the potion all over his surroundings that makes the Yo-kai appear in his sight. Phonius is fascinated at how real the Yo-kai was to him, and films the footage of it with his camcorder.

The next day, Phonius presents to his boss Alexander with the footage of Dromp he has caught, where he hopes that he could run his television show again but the boss annoyingly disapproves of him once again leading him to believe that it is fake. Phonius tries to change his mind by claiming that the footage is CGI, which he says that is not real, but he says that he wants people to "find their dreams" no matter if they're real or not.

His boss Alexander fully approves of his idea, and encourages Phonius to make the fictitious creatures look fake as possible, leading for his new television show to be created. When Phonius' new show comes out, it is branded as a "CGI documentary" but Dromp is depicted as a destructive Yo-kai that is claimed to eat hundreds of children each day much to the surprise of Komasan and the annoyance of Komajiro.

Sour Milk?

One lunchtime, Bear is making funny faces which amuses Nate. Katie doesn't like it so much she spits milk on Eddie and all over the floor, leaving her to clean it. When she cleans it, she leaves the towel on the windowsill. Over time, it creates an awful stench so much it makes the entire classroom fill with the smell.

After class, Nate believes there is a Yo-kai behind this and finds Yo-kai Cuttincheez. Whisper explains that Cuttincheez can make things even stinkier than usual, which adds to how Nate's other items started to stink over time. When Nate summons Jibanyan, he doesn't like the stench and refuses to fight Cuttincheez. As Jibanyan is about to enjoy a Chocobar outside, he suddenly gets summoned by Nate from the classroom and eventually faints from the stench.

Afterwards, Nate decides to summon Robonyan which makes his sensors overreact to the smell. Robonyan detects another milk-filled cloth from behind the shelves and they all find out it is even worse, as it hasn't been touched in five months. The smell is so bad, it drives away Yo-kai Cuttincheez.

As another Cuttincheez takes it's place, Robonyan realizes the smell has "no threat" and starts to detect an even worse scent from behind the locker. Nate is more shocked than ever, because he finds out that the stinkiest milk cloth myth is all true after all. Eventually, an even bigger Cuttincheez is created, driving the other one away and eventually stinking up the entire school.



  • Alexander (Phonius' boss)
  • Phonius' Uncle






  • This episode is the last Arabic dubbed season 2 episode (as Season 2 Episode 38) to be released in YouTube, by Spacetoon YouTube channel.
  • The person in the television report about the expedition show being a fake resembles Mitsuru Yaku.
  • One of the scenes from the second segment was cut in South Korea.
  • The Burj Khalifa can be seen in the skyline in the episode of The Unknown Zone.
  • This episode and EP063 were originally skipped, because this episode had the finale of Kaptain Komasan segment. The other was temporarily skipped so that it episode would air on April Fools' Day.
    • Thus, this is the 68th episode of the English dub.

Dub Differences

  • The leftover set pieces from Phonius' television series were descriptively changed.


In other languages

Kaptain Komasan and the Suprise Ending

Language Name Meaning
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Flag of Hong Kong Chinese (Cantonese)* 周五妖怪特别剧场 哥玛先生探险队 最后一集 一早有心理准备会发生 结果真的发生的震撼结局 矢良濑导演的末日
Flag of the Republic of China
Flag of the People's Republic of China
Chinese (Mandarin)*
妖怪手表特别节目,小石狮探险队 最后一集 虽然早知道会有这一天但听到消息,还是不免感到吃惊 矢导演的最后一天

Sour Milk?

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Flag of Hong Kong Chinese (Cantonese)* 传说中的牛奶抹布 The Legendary Milk Handkerchief
Flag of the Republic of China
Flag of the People's Republic of China
Chinese (Mandarin)*
传说中的牛奶抹布 The Legendary Milk Handkerchief
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