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Gnumerous Gnomey (Japanese: ミリタリーなざしきわらし Miritarī na Zashiki-warashi) and Katie's Yo-kai Butler (Japanese: ご主人様はフミちゃん Goshujin-sama wa Fumi-chan) is the 67th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on May 1, 2015, and in the United States on March 18, 2017.


An army of Gnomey try to stop a tough exam from happening at Springdale Elementary. One night after Whisper goes to sleep, he wakes up in Katie's house only to find out he's in an alternate universe.


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Gnumerous Gnomey

Katie's Yo-kai Butler

Late at night, Nathan Adams is focused on playing on his video game handheld, hardly noticing that his room is filled with garbage. Whisper orders him to clean up his bedroom but he rejects his request while he continues to play on his handheld. Just when Whisper was about to tidy his bedroom, Nate unintentionally throws various objects at him such as a snot-filled tissue and a empty can.

Angered at Nate, Whisper complains to him for the lack of proper hygiene but he ignores Whisper once again and acts out his frustration at Nate. Whisper finally gives up on motivating him to clean up his trash-ridden bedroom and dozes off to sleep.

In the morning, Whisper faintly notices a sweet scent coming from a singular rose in a flower vase as he wakes up. Looking at his unexpected change of surroundings, he hears a familiar voice coming from downstairs who comes up to the bedroom. The person grabs Whisper's wisp on the top of his head who turns out to be Katie.

Whisper asks Katie why he is in Katie's bedroom, but she responds that he has always been there for a while. This brings to Katie wondering if Whisper had lost his memory, but Baddinyan suddenly appears out of nowhere. While feeling uptight at watching Baddinyan eat two Chocobars at once, Whisper starts to think if he is in a dream.

Katie asks if Whisper is fine, where he says that he thinks he is inside a dream judging from the fact that Katie can see Yo-kai. Whisper asks if Katie could pinch his cheek so he could wake up from the dream, but she stretches it in a drastic fashion which also makes him extra aware that it isn't a dream.

To jog Whisper's memory, Katie explains to him how they first met where it was at the Crank-a-kai in Mt. Wildood, which is what exactly happened when Whisper first met Nate. Unlike the original encounter, Whisper gave Katie a pink-colored Yo-kai Watch resembling a pocket watch. The explanation and the different Yo-kai makes Whisper think that he ended up in a parallel universe where Katie became a Watcher instead of Nate.

Suddenly, Katie's father from downstairs calls Katie for brunch where she leaves her bedroom which leaves Whisper alone to look at his surroundings. At first, he notices Baddinyan, but gets started by his attitude after unintentionally starting at him. Whisper looks into the closet to see if Hidabat is there, but Shadow Venoct is shown to reside and closes it immediately when the snakes from his scarf scare him.

In an act of emergency, Katie comes back into her bedroom to inform Whisper that her mother is acting unusual, and takes her down to the kitchen where Katie's mother refuses to make food and do the laundry. Whisper tries to look up the Yo-kai in his Yo-kai Pad but Katie snatches it away from him relating to a promise that Whisper would try to remember the Yo-kai rather than searching information about it.

When Katie searches the Yo-kai with her Yo-kai Watch, she finds Noway, who is behind the cause of Katie's mother refusing to do household chores. When Katie asks Whisper to name the Yo-kai, he uses his tail to look up information on the Yo-kai Pad away from Katie's view and explains what the Yo-kai does when it inspirits someone. To fight back at the Yo-kai, she summons Goldenyan but refuses to fight Noway due to his weak strength and immediately leaves.

Katie thinks of another plan to fight off Noway, which is of something they had practiced since the beginning. She suddenly grabs Whisper's swirl on his head and throws him at the Yo-kai multiple times back and forth, despite his disagreement with her combat plan. Whisper suddenly starts to wake up back in his own universe where he is shown to be sleep-talking.

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A video game boxart cover parodying the Japanese logo of Yo-kai Watch 2.

  • This is the 65th episode of the English dub.
  • Katie's Yo-kai Butler ties in with the release of the real-life Japanese Bandai DX Yo-kai Watch (Katie Ver.). Baddinyan and Goldenyan, two of Katie's Yo-kai friends in this episode, are the Yo-kai Medals included with the watch.
  • A sub-mission in Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Moon Rabbit Crew is loosely based on this episode, using Katie's owned Yo-kai as Blasters Crew members.
  • This is the third full episode where Nate is not a main character.
  • This is the second episode to have a segment with Whisper as the main character, with the first being Whisper's Secret Past.
  • Katie's Yo-kai Butler marks the only episode in the series to have Katie as the main character.
  • The title on Amazon Instant Video is incorrectly called "My Master is Insomni", where the Yo-kai doesn't appear in the segment of all. It may have been confusingly mixed up with Katie and Insomni's Japanese name, whom are "Fumika" and "Fuumin" respectively.
  • The video game boxart that is seen while Nate is playing his handheld actually parodies the Japanese logo of Yo-kai Watch 2.
    • The title reads "Nōzai Catch 2: Nōka" (農材キャッチ2 農家), with the first part meant to sound similar to "Yo-kai Watch," and the game's "version" title using the same second kanji from Honke (本家), the Japanese name of the Fleshy Souls version of the real game. The result uses terms about farming and agriculture, which is why the boxart depicts a farmer.

Dub Differences

  • Goldenyan was given a masculine voice in the English dub, as opposed to a feminine voice in the original version.


  • The video game seen in Nate's bedroom says "3DS" on it, causing a bit of an error as the prize Nate wanted to win in Yo-kai Enduriphant was called the Super SFX in the original version. It was not painted over in this episode's dub.
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