Yo-kai Watch

Country Folk'll Try Anything, Once! The Gym (Japanese: コマさんといく ~はじめてのスポーツジム~ Komasan to Iku ~Hajimete no Supōtsu Jimu~), Yo-kai Rawry (Japanese: 妖怪爆音ならし Yōkai Bakuon-narashi), and Pandle-monium (Japanese: ぶようじんサマーフェス Buyōjin Samā Fesu) is the 76th episode of Yo-kai Watch anime series and the last episode of season 1. It was broadcasted in Japan on June 5, 2015, and in the United States on June 3, 2017.


After hearing about a local sports gym that his mother wants to look at, Komasan wants to try it out himself. One of Nate's new neighbors is being obnoxiously loud because of the Yo-kai Rawry. Nate discovers that all of the Pandle in the world are gathered up at his school for Pandle-monium.






  • This is the only episode a Brave Yo-kai other than Blazion is summoned with the normal Yo-kai Watch.
  • This is the last episode Nate summons a Yo-kai with his normal Yo-kai Watch.
  • This is the last Season 2 English dub episode.
  • This is the last episode to be dubbed by Dentsu Entertainment USA, before production was moved over to SDI Media, having all of the voice actors recast due to budget cuts.
  • Whisper breaks the fourth wall in the episode.
  • The imagining scene of the Pandle Yo-kai making their way to Japan on the world map is strangely kept in the other dubs, even in the English dub except for the Korean dub, which has them walking on the spot.

Dub Differences

  • The "Sports Club" was renamed to a gym, even though the place Komasan goes to is called the "Springdale Sports Club" in the video games.
  • The part of Komasan asking for a trainer at the gym reception was added in the dub.
  • The onigiri rice balls that Komasan was eating were changed, dialogue-wise to marshmallows. Since the Yo-kai Watch games thoroughly depicts rice balls in an unedited fashion, and rice balls are known to contain nearly as much fat as marshmallows, this makes it somewhat jarring.
  • As usual, the Nom Burger yellow "M" logo was changed.
  • Some of the Pandle were painted on underwear in the dub.
  • The footage for Nate's open fly and underwear was cut.


  • In the English dub, while Whisper was explaining about Yo-kai Rawry, Jibanyan's head from the last scene briefly appears near the bottom of Whisper.
  • Even though the Sports Club was renamed to a gym, the sign saying "Sports Club" can still be seen outside.
  • For all other dubs, the Pandle explaining how the other Pandles come to gather for one place still directs them towards Japan.
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