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Yo-kai Watch

Nate's Magnificent Dream (Japanese: ケータの壮大な夢 Keita no Sōdai na Yume), Yo-kai Minochi (Japanese: 妖怪やきモチ Yōkai Yakimochi) and Yo-kai Pittapatt (Japanese: 妖怪化け草履 Yōkai Bakezōri) is the 82nd episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on August 14, 2015, and one of the episodes in the United States to be entirely skipped in the dub.


Nate asks Baku for help him to have a big dream. Katie is inspirited by the Yo-kai Minochi. Nate helps the classic Yo-kai Pittapatt to solve a big problem that he has caused.


Nate's Magnificent Dream

Yo-kai Minochi

Yo-kai Pittapatt





  • This is the first episode to use traced-over artwork of the Yo-kai on the introduction card, which is Pittapat.
  • This episode's alternative dub aired in South Africa on April 28, 2019, listed under the title "Nate's Wonderful Dream" representing the first segment. This is the first full episode skipped by the American dub of which was present in the alternative dub.
  • This is the 3rd absence of Hailey and Usapyon ever since their introduction.
  • This is the first time where Baku and Happierre are summoned in Yo-kai Watch U.
  • The segment involving Nate's Dream is a based off of Space Wars, which is in turn a parody of Star Wars.
  • Previously, Baku joklingly didn't like eating Nate's dreams back in Yo-kai Baku. This episode confirms that he actually doesn't like eating his dreams after all.
  • Of the Yo-kai who became jealous for not being summoned, the only one who wasn't summoned subsequently is Peckpocket.
  • The fact that Roughraff was jealous may mean that he only gets angry when summoned to appear rude.
  • Minochi didn't give his medal to Nate and wasn't registered in the Recap Time, most likely due to making Katie Forester jealous of Nate, making several Yo-kai jealous, and being eaten by Hungramps and Grubsnitch.
  • This is the first time where Hungramps and Grubsnitch ate a Yo-kai together.
  • Pittapatt is the first Yo-kai to apologize to someone he has previously inspirited.
  • Pittapatt is the third Yo-kai that previously appeared in Yo-kai Watch: The Movie to appear in anime series.
  • Pittapatt is the first Yo-kai who changes his power in the anime.
  • The first segment was supposed to air on July 30, 2018[1], but it got cancelled and it was replaced by Let's Go To Work! Yo-kai Firefighters. As this is the first episode to be completely skipped, it may not have been dubbed in English at all.


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