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Yo-kai Watch

Year 3 Class Y, Mr. Crabbycat: Disrupting Class Academy (Japanese: 3年Y組ニャンパチ先生 学級崩壊学園 San-nen Wai-gumi Nyanpachi-sensei Gakkyū-hōkai Gakuen), Evil Year 5 Class 1: Suspicioni Shatters in Front of the Iron-Clad Women!! (Japanese: 魔の5年1組 ~ぎしんあん鬼 鉄壁の女たちの前に砕け散る!!~ Ma no Go-nen Ichi-gumi ~ Gishinaoni teppeki no on'na-tachi no mae ni kudake chiru!!~) and Yo-kai Nautaloss (Japanese: 妖怪ナンモナイト Youkai Nanmonaito) is the 112th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on March 18, 2016.


Mr. Crabbycat tries to teach a class of disruptive students, that just so happen to be enormous Yo-kai. Yo-kai Suspicioni causes problems between Hailey Anne and her classmates. Yo-kai Nautaloss makes people do things without having any regrets.


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  • Hardy Hound makes a hole in the mountain in the same vein as Maginyan would later do in EP169.
  • This is the second Yo-kai from a movie to make an appearance.
  • The heavenly background that appears when Cheeksqueek ascends to the sky would later be reused for the Dream Roulette summoning with the Yo-kai Watch Dream.


  • After Usapyon identifies the Yo-kai Cheeksqueek from his Yo-kai Pad, the ears on his helmet are rotated on the wrong sides.
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