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Yo-kai Watch

Evil Year 5 Class 1: Rockabelly Distracts the Namaste!! (Japanese: 魔の5年1組 ~はらおドリ ナマステに散る!!~ Ma no Go-nen Ichi-gumi ~Haraodori, Namasute ni Chiru!!~), Let's Go To Work!: Yo-kai Hospital (Japanese: お仕事シリーズ『妖怪病院』 Oshigoto Shirīzu "Yōkai Byōin"), Yo-kai Hot Air Buffoon (Japanese: 妖怪いばるーん Yōkai Ibarūn) and Yo-kai Romance of the Three Kingdoms V (Japanese: 妖怪三国志Ⅴ Yōkai Sangokushi V), is the 117th episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on April 22, 2016, while the B-Part was broadcasted in the United States on December 1, 2018.


Yo-kai Rockabelly tries to make one of Hailey's classmates do a belly-dance, but keeps doing it wrong. Jibanyan, Whisper, Komasan, and Komajiro work as doctors in a hospital. Nate finds Eddie in class acting boastful about his surroundings, with Yo-kai Hot Air Buffon inspiriting him. Jibanyan Liu Bei and Whisper Kongming test out their traps for the kingdom's defense system.






  • It's shown that Usapyon can pull his shirt suit up.
  • When Usapyon gets inspirited by Rhyth, Wiglin and Steppa, he does a moonwalk similar to Michael Jackson.
  • The background with musical notes from the Jinsei Dramatic opening is seen when Steppa, Rhyth, Wiglin and Rockabelly combine their powers to inspirit Jordan once more.
  • The animation of Whisper Kongming putting on Jibanyan Liu Bei's armor is partially reused from EP113.

Dub Differences


  • After the second shot of Hot Air Buffoon, Nate's eyes are animated bigger than usual.
  • When Pergushin looks at Eddie and Bear inspirited by Hot Air Buffoon, Bear's head is small.
  • In the second shot of the seaplane that nearly hits Hot Air Buffoon, the front wheel is missing.
  • When Nate looks up at Hot Air Buffoon as it expands, his neck is taller.
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