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Yo-kai Watch

Sighborg Y Episode 3: Hammer (Japanese: アンドロイド山田 第三話 鉄槌 Andoroido Yamada Dai-San-Wa Tettsui), Hapyon Detective Agency: Case File 8: Spoilerina (Japanese: イナウサ不思議探偵社 調査ファイル8『ネタバレリーナ』 InaUsa Fushigi Tanteisha Chōsa Fairu 8 "Netabarerīna"), and Yo-kai Injurnalist (Japanese: 妖怪アイタタタイムズ Yōkai Aitatataimuzu) is the 127st episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on July 8, 2016 and the C-Part aired in the United States on December 15, 2018.


Sighborg Y tries to do righteous acts in public. Poofessor asks Hailey and Usapyon for their help involving Spoilerina and decide to go undercover. Nate has been noticing his classmates making blunt remarks during their speeches in class at school, with Yo-kai Injurnalist causing it.






  • This is the newest Yo-kai Watch episode to be partially dubbed into English.
  • It is revealed that back when she was alive, Spoilerina was the author for a well-known book series called The Legend of The Space Hero. She got her nickname “Spoiler Rina” because she spoils her own stories to fans every time she gets the chance to do so. She died after slipping onstage during a blackout at a convention when one of her co-workers tried to stop her from spoiling the series finale.
    • Though, ironically, she forgot what the spoiler to her finale was shortly after she became a Yo-kai.
  • Like EP114, Injurnalist's segment was pulled over to another title, and replace by EP107's recap time.
  • Yo-kai Injurnalist, in addition to Hailey Anne's Valentine and Yo-kai Mr. Blockhead, act as the 100th episode to be dubbed into English.
  • The picture on the newspaper Jaibanyan is reading is taken from Yo-kai Nummskull.
  • The “New Yo-Kai Times” papers Jibanyan mentions is a reference to The New York Times.
    • Additionally, The New Yo-Kai times updates its news in real time.

Dub Differences

  • The onomatopoeic ellipses symbolizing Nate and Whisper's reaction after they watch Eddie and Bear's class speeches were removed.
  • The shot panning up Injurnalist's headline about Whisper boasting himself as the #1 Yo-kai butler as it's read aloud is visually replaced with a zoom in on the picture of Whisper next to it.
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