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Yo-kai Watch

Komarly Hills 90210 Part 1: Party (Japanese: コマリーヒルズ青春白書 第1話 パーティー Komarīhiruzu seishun hakusho dai ichi-wa pātī), Hailey Anne's Ponderoo, Part 1 (Japanese: イナホのカンガエルーひと パート1 Inaho no Kangaerū hito pāto 1), and Poofessor & Dummkap (Japanese: うんちく魔とばか頭巾 Unchikuma to Bakazukin) is the 133rd episode of the Yo-kai Watch anime series. It was broadcasted in Japan on August 19, 2016.


The Koma Knomads start their first day of high school in Komarly Hills, and Knomad Koma unexpectedly meets up with a student named Brenda. Hailey and Usapyon look around at a gardening center, but Hailey gets inspirited by Yo-kai Ponderoo and thinks deeply on what to do in the store. Poofessor accidentally puts Dummkap on his head, making others around inspirited by him tell nonsensical trivia.


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  • This is the second episode to take place in BBQ, the first being Christmas Blackout! Time for a Yo-kai Watch Update!.
  • The name of The Koma Knomads’ school, Komarly Hills, is a reference to Beverly Hills.
  • Brenda bears a striking resemblance to Betty Boop.
  • During the scene wherein he was looking for a bamboo rake in the store, he hums it in a similar tune to the previous opening.
  • Hailey and Usapyon’s segment in the episode is the first time Nate is not seen with Whisper and or Jibanyan when he was in the store.
  • Nate swings the bucket of water in the same vein as Yo-kai Dummkap and Yo-kai Flushback, with the latter being based on the ending of the episode.


  • The Koma Knomands are able to be seen by humans without them having to wear a leaf on their heads.
  • Manjimutt exclaims how it was currently the worst weekend for him, despite it being a school day.
  • When Knomand Koma drops the notepad sign in shock, he's drawn fatter than usual.
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