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East Pine (Japanese: イーストカシュー地区 Īsutokashū chiku) is a commercial area of St. Peanutsburg that appears in Yo-kai Watch 3.


It is a place that has many restaurants and shops, more than what Northbeech has to offer.

Places of Interest


Main article: Phantomart

Phantomart is a shopping area. At midnight the supermarket turns into a Dungeon with Zombies and the Supermanager. Besides that, the Phantomart has a game mechanic in which the player can buy food. The food is placed into the player's shopping cart which can hold up to 5 items at a time.

East Pine Church

East Pine Church is the BBQ equivalent to Shoten Temple, where the player can fuse Yo-kai and items, along with practice soulcery.

StreetPass Apartments

The StreetPass Apartment Building allows the player to fight the Yo-kai of the people that the player has StreetPass.

Bob's Watch Shop

Bob's Watch Shop is the BBQ equivalent of Timers & More, where the player can upgrade the watch until the player get the Yo-kai Watch Dream.

Haunted Mansion

Main article: Haunted Mansion


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