Edward "Eddie" Archer (Japanese: 今田 干治 Imada Kanchi), often referred to as Eddie (Japanese: カンチ Kanchi), is a character in Yo-kai Watch, and he is one of Nate, Bear, and Katie's friends.

In an alternate universe, he has a Yo-kai form named Hae-otoko, due to the effects of the Kuroi Yo-kai Watch.


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Physical traits


Eddie can be seen wearing a short or long, green jacket with two orange patches on the sides of the sleeves. He wears a white collard shirt with a blue undershirt and rolled up capris. His shoes are plain blue with a white rim. On his head are orange headphones with the same coloring as the patches on his sleeves.

His physical appearance includes "sleepy" eyes, high placed eyebrows and not-kept brown hair. Eddie usually is seen not making any facial expressions at all, or smiling in a slightly awkward manner. He seems to be shorter compared to other main characters such as Nate and Bear.


Eddie comes from a seemingly wealthy family and lives in a big house. However, his parents are usually busy with work leaving him alone on birthdays.

He has a relaxed, though not quite reserved nature. He is very friendly to Nate and other characters but according to Katie, he may actually see himself as being better then they are. Eddie seems to be into technology and is a much better student than Nate or Bear. He has been seen to get mildly irritated by other characters but he appears to keep his frustration to himself.


Yo-kai Watch

Edward plays a key role in the chapter Eddie's Search, where he hears rumors about a mysterious piece of possessed samurai armor that is rumored to come alive inside the storage of the Gourd Pond Museum.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Yo-kai Sangokushi

Yo-kai Watch 3

Yo-kai Watch 4


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He seems to be on very friendly terms with Nate, giving him advice from time to time and overall being a fun though calm person to be around.


It isn't immediately clear what he thinks of Bear despite the fact they are seen hanging out. His relation to Katie isn't terribly clear either. He also seems to be on friendly terms with his parents, though the extent of this is not fully explored through the games or the anime. Yet Eddie can be a showoff sometimes and teases Nate.

In the anime

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Season 1

In Yo-kai Sandmeh, Eddie is having a birthday party with Nate, and Bear as guest; unfortunately Eddie just keeps saying whatever when they ask him what he want's to do.

It's revealed Sandmeh's inspiriting him, Sandmeh then explains to everyone that it was Eddie who called him in a way and decides to help.

Sandmeh explains that there is a door locked in his heart, it's revealed that this door is locked because Eddie misses his parents celebrating his birthday with him afterwards his parents come home to celebrate together.

Yo-kai Watch: The Movie

Eddie appears as a supporting character in The Yo-kai Watch Movie, In the beginning of the film Eddie's seen with Nate, Katie, and Bear all heading home after getting off from school, Eddie then decides to tell the others about strange things happening around town where things have been getting bigger.

Then Eddie brings up the idea that there might be a Yo-kai at work, unfortunately Nate (who's lost his memory) decides to tease Eddie thinking that he believes in such things but Eddie denies it and they all end up laughing together, afterwards everyone splits up and goes home.

Eddie's final appearance in the movie is in the end credits scene dancing along with everybody else.

Lord Enma & the Five Tales, Nyan!

Eddie's role in the second movie is a cameo with no dialogue.In Hailey and Usapyon's story, Both Hailey and Usapyon are delivering presents for Santa, and one of there stops is at Eddie's house. When they enter they activated the burgeral alarm causing both to panic.

The reindeers end up coming to the rescue taking Hailey, but forgetting Usapyon who is still inside with the alarm going off and Eddie who is still sleeping through the whole thing.

The Great adventure of the Flying Whale & the Double World, Nyan!

In the third Yo-kai Watch movie, Eddie appears with Bear trying to convince him to let him buy the rare Emperor Krill plastic toy figure for a high price. Bear however explains that it has a value, and Edidie decides to give him a discount because of their friendship and tries to bargain him for a lower price again.

All the while Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan are watching completely confused at their behaviors.


  • He is the second to the least most likely to get inspirited by Yo-kai in his friend group, with the least likely being Bear. Whereas Nate has been inspirited the most times, with Katie being a close second.
  • He turns 11 years old in the 45th episode.
  • In SS044, He along with Bear were mentioned by Nate and Katie when Natsume asks her father for advice. But it is unknown if he still lives in Springdale, or if he moved to another town.

In other languages

Edward Archer

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 今田干治 Imada Kanchi
Flag of France.svg French Matthieu "Matt" Descartes
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Eduardo "Dudú" Arquero
Flag of Germany.svg German Alfred "Freddy" Neumeier
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Pierangelo "Pier" Vincenzi
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Эдвард "Эдди" Арчер
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 이선우 ISeonwoo
More Languages
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Chinese (Cantonese)* 今田 干治
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese (European) Gabriel Albuquerse
Flag of Brazil.svg Portuguese (Brazilian) Gabriel Archer
Flag of Thailand.svg Thai อิมะดะ คันจิ


Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese カンチ Kanchi
Flag of France.svg French Matt
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Dudú
Flag of Germany.svg German Freddy
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Pier
Flag of Russia.svg Russian дди
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 이선우 Iseonwoo
More Languages
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Arabic رامي
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Chinese (Cantonese)* 今田 干治
Flag of Thailand.svg Thai คันจิ
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