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The Employee (Japanese: 社員 Shain) are Hinozall's workers.



The Employees are humanoid skeleton Yo-kai, dressed in a blue blazer, blue trousers and brown shoes. They have a white shirt and wear a red tie. They carry bulky, blue ray guns, with a laser target, that fire green energy orbs.


Yo-kai Watch Blasters

The Employees appear during the second stage of Hinozall's boss fight. They will aim at a Yo-kai using a laser, before firing. The green orbs they shoot can also harm Hinozall and other Employees. Said orbs are also the only thing that can break Hinozall's shield.


The word employee means a person employed for wages or salary.

社員 (Shain) translates to Employee.


  • In the English release of Yo-kai Watch Blasters, the Hinozall fight has a glitch where one or more Employees can be befriended. While their model is shown on the befriend screen, the medal adding animation adds a Pandle medal to the Medallium.
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