Enma Ryuuou Mizuchi (Japanese: 閻魔竜王ミズチ Enma Ryūō Mizuchi) is a Rank S, Restoration-attribute, Deva Yo-kai of the Enma tribe.

He was the 9th Great King Enma to rule the Yo-kai World.

In Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble, he's a Rank SSS Yo-kai.



Mizuchi is a light blue Dragon Yo-kai.

His eyes are purple with red markings below them. He has dark blue hair that goes all along his back and tail, and light brown antlers. He also has two long whiskers.

His tail is very long, his whole body being snake-like, he has no legs, and a single pair of arms.

He is clad in a traditional red and maroon, royal Enma attire, decorated with the "王" (Japanese: Ō "king") kanji, and a flame motif by the lower rims. His shoulder pads feature the sun and moon symbols typical for Enma attire. They are connected by a golden chain, in which three gems, red, green, and blue, are embedded.

The 9 hitodama that accompany him symbolize his status as the 9th Great King Enma.


Yo-kai Watch Busters 2

There is a chance of befriending him when clearing the "Great Enma Mausoleum - Dragon (Japanese: 閻魔大霊廟・竜 Enma Daireibyō・Ryū) dungeon and besting him in battle.

The dungeon can be accessed with the item "Ryuuou Mausoleum Stone ∞" (Japanese: 竜王霊廟ストーン∞ Ryūō Reibyō Sutōn Mugen).

Game Data


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Attack (Japanese: こうげき Kōgeki) 50 -
Attacks nearby enemies.
Technique Barrier of Purification (Japanese: 浄化の結界 Jōka no Kekkai) -- Restoration
Restores allies' HP. The area of effect increases with accumulation.
Technique Super Defense Up (Japanese: 超・まもりアップ Chō Mamori Appu) -- -
Greatly ups allies' defense. The area of effect increases with accumulation.
Soultimate Move Blue Flame Full Recovery Barrier (Japanese: 蒼炎治癒結界 Sōen Chiyu Kekkai) 400 Restoration
Greatly restores allies' HP, and even revives fallen allies.


His title Enma Ryuuou (Japanese: 閻魔竜王 Enma Ryūō) literally translates to "Dragon King Enma", and is taken from taking "Great King Enma" (Japanese: 閻魔大王 Enma Daiō) and replacing the kanji for "great" with the kanji for "dragon".

His given name Mizuchi is the name of a Japanese type of dragon.


Being a King Enma, he is based on Yama, who is a deity of Hindu origin introduced into Japan by Buddhist monks, with the Buddhist version has Yama being is a dharmapala (wrathful god) said to judge the dead and preside over the Narakas ("Hells" or "Purgatories") and the cycle of saṃsāra.


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