Everymart (Japanese: ヨロズマート Yorozumāto, Yorozu Mart) is a shop that appears in the Yo-kai Watch games. It is a chain of convenience stores found across the universe that sell essential items like Food, Books and other stuff.

Each of the stores have Eyepo where the player can save their progress and manage teams, and Mirapo that can be warped to different branches.


It specializes in selling many essential items needed for daily life ranging from food and drink to other stuff like magazines.

In the games, each of the stores have an Eyepo where the player can save their progress.


Image Location Directions
Uptown Springdale A few moments away from Springdale Elementary, next to Triangle Park.
Blossom Heights Near the raised pathway to Shopper's Row, which is at the lower-left part of the district.
Downtown Springdale Located near the Sunset Mall and the Springdale Business Tower.
Shopper's Row Near the road leading to Downtown Springdale.
Breezy Hills Near the roadway that leads to Excellent Tower
Excellent Tower Located at inside the top of the tower.
Sparkopolis Main Street, inside the corner of the building opposite of AnimeChum.

In the anime

In real life

Main article: Yoroz Mart (Real Life)

The Everymart once existed in real life, as Yoroz Mart. It sold exclusive limited-edition merchandise like plush dolls, stationary and snacks. They also sold common merchandise such as the Yo-kai Watches, Yo-kai Medals, plastic models and even the games themselves. In some branches, They had the arcade machines for Yo-kai Watch Busters: Iron Oni Army, and sold the cards to go with the game.


  • The English name of the convenience store is a parody of FamilyMart, a chain of convenience stores that operate across Japan in real-life.
  • The cashier that operates at the Everymart stores in the present resembles Samguk Han from Inazuma Eleven GO, another Level-5 franchise.
  • The Everymart branch in Excellent Tower is the only Everymart location that doesn't have a Mirapo.

In other languages

  • Italian: Superpiù
  • Dutch: Supermarkt
  • French: Tout pour tous
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