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Eyeclone (Japanese: 台風の目 Taifū no Me) is a Boss Yo-kai introduced in the Yo-kai Watch 2.



Eyeclone is a yellow humanoid-like Yo-kai having purple tipped earlobes that extend from the ears to his pill-shaped face. He has a total of three eyes with red irises and blue scleras, two of which are on his purple finger tipped hands, and having a purple spiral- like marking on his face. He also has a small, purple-like puff of hair. Finally, the bottom half of his torso is cloaked in a gray cloud.

This gargantuan Yo-kai has the power to control the elements around him. He also has great strength because of his large size. Some of his attacks are summoning a colossal typhoon to damage all of your Yo-kai. Or, he simply pounds an ally with his giant fist for high damage. Finally, his Soultimate Move makes him summon a giant tornado for massive damage on all front row allies.


Yo-kai Watch 2

Eyeclone appears as the boss of Chapter 7, in which caused a massive storm in Springdale in order to try and keep Drizzelda and Ray O'Light apart. But then the protagonist comes with their Yo-kai and defeats him, allowing his storm to cease and the two lovers to come together.


Name Origin

  • "Taifu no Me" literally translates into "Eye of the Typhoon"
  • "Eyeclone" is a portmanteau of "Eye" and "Cyclone".
  • "Cicluracan" is a combination of "ciclope" (cyclop) and "huracan" (hurricane).
  • "Tourboeillon" comes from "tourbillon" (whirlwind) and "œil" (eye)


Eyeclone is based on Ichimokuren, a youkai named after a mountain in Ise (now Miie) that appears as a single eye in the sky. When dark clouds gathered around the mountain, it would generate devastating storms capable of leveling dozens of buildings. Its name thus acquired the meaning of "crumbling in a single moment". It is, however, also worshipped as a kami of beneficial rains and smithery, and in one instance people invoked its name to save them from a flood that laid waste to their village.


  • Eyeclone has the most variants out of any Boss Yo-kai fought during the main story. Eyeclone in particular has three - Eyephoon, Retinado, and Torneyedo.

In other languages

  • Japanese: 台風の目 Taifu no Me
  • Korean: 태풍의 눈 Taepung-ui nun
  • Spanish: Cicluracan
  • Italian: Ciclocchio
  • French: Tourboeillon
  • German: Gaffun

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