Eyepo 2

Eyepo in-game sprite.


Eyepo in Yo-kai Watch 4

Eyepo (Japanese: キュッピー Kyuppī) are eye-shaped creatures that serve as the main way of restoring Yo-kai's HP and Soul Meter outside of battle, as well as to switch the player's on-hand Yo-kai.


Eyepos have the shape of an eyeball engulfed in flames. An Eyepo's flames are blue when inactive, however they turn green and are larger when in use.

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Green Eyepo


Green Eyepo in Yo-kai Watch 4


Using an Eyepo automatically restores the the HP and Soul Meter of the player's Yo-kai. In addition to healing, Eyepo can also allow the player to access their diary, though more importantly in locations where it is not available. It can also be used to swap the player's on-hand Yo-kai Medals.

In Yo-kai Watch 3 it can swap the player between Nate and Hailey Anne's simultaneous stories.


Eyepo are usually located in stores and dungeons, often near a Mirapo. Eyepo are visible on the player's map, even when inside buildings.


  • It is the only Yo-kai-like creature that isn't stated anywhere to be a Yo-kai.
  • The only time the Eyepo could speak in full sentences instead of using parts of its own name as its verbal tic was in the English version of the game.

In other languages

  • Italian: Fiammocchio
  • German: Au-kai
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