Filmlin (Japanese: フィルムリン Firumurin), also known as Eigalien (Japanese: エイガリアン Eigarian) is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Tsukumono Tribe introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.


in his lightside Filmlin is a film reel-like Yo-kai creature with arms and legs and feet. He has a small blue flame on his head, a small mouth and a piece of film tape that acts as a tail. In his Shadowside form, Eigalien resembles a Xenomorph-like alien creature. His hands become film projectors, with more film reel attached to the top, and, instead of feet, he moves around on a film reel-like wheel. His tongue resembles a claw. He can shoot a beam from his tongue to make the victim experience their worst fear.


Filmlin debuted in SS020. Filmlin was once a film stock featuring a horror movie created by a famous film director who decided to try his skills at producing a horror film; however, the film itself was poorly received by the audience for being extremely scary. Enraged, the director discarded the film stock, which was picked by his wife, and due to a sorrow tear shed by her, Filmlin came into being. He then used his powers to hypnotize people who went to a certain movie theatre, including Natsume, so that people would watch the movie he produced.

After he explains himself, Natsume summons all of her Yo-kai friends to watch his movie. Unfortunately, everyone, except for Ayame, runs out of the room due to the scariness of the movie. However, he remains pleased that someone could watch the film, as even he described the film as "quite shocking", and happily hands over his ark to Ayame.


Filmlin is a portmanteau of Film and Gremlin.

Eigalien is a portmanteau of (Japanese: 映画 eiga, movie) and Alien (Japanese: エイリアン Eirian).


  • Flimlin is the:

Third Yo-kai to be born out of affection in the franchise. The first being Snottle, followed by Love-Torn. First Yo-kai to be born out of affection in the Shadowside franchise.

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