Filmlin (Japanese: フィルムリン Firumurin), also known as Eigalien (Japanese: エイガリアン Eigarian) is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Tsukumono Tribe introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.


in his lightside Filmlin is a film reel-like Yo-kai creature with arms and legs and feet. In his Shadowside form, Eigalien resembles a Xenomorph-like alien creature.


Filmlin debuted in SS020. Filmlin was once a film stock featuring a horror movie created by a famous film director who decided to try his skills at producing a horror film; however, the film itself was poorly received by the audience for being extremely scary. Enraged, the director discarded the film stock, which was picked by his wife, and due to a sorrow tear shed by her, Filmlin came into being. He then used his powers to hypnotize people who went to a certain movie theatre, including Natsume, so that people would watch the movie he produced.

After he explains himself, Natsume summons all of her Yo-kai friends to watch his movie. Unfortunately, everyone, except for Ayame, runs out of the room due to the scariness of the movie.


Filmlin is a portmanteau of Film and Gremlin.

Eigalien is a portmanteau of (Japanese: 映画 eiga, movie) and Alien (Japanese: エイリアン Eirian).


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