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Fuu (Japanese: フウ ) is a Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe.


A blue skinned humanoid Yo-kai, Fuu has black hair tied into a single dreadlock with a wisp an a small goatee. He wears a purple fedora with a pink strap around it, sunglasses, a red collared shirt, purple pants with a light yellow belt, and black boots, in which his feet are stub shaped.


Fuu first appeared in Episode 1 of M02 as a passed human who could become a Yo-kai, waiting in line in front of Nate. After Nate, who had turned into Fuu 2, had his Yo-kai Medal's design taken from the Camera Yo-kai, Fuu had taken his finished Medal from the Yo-kai Medal Clerk and boogied out.


  • In the episode Whisper’s Secret Past, there was an unidentified Yo-kai that was causing those it inspirited to dance "80s style" including Michael Jackson's Moonwalk, similar to Fuu. Whisper even pulled out a fedora which looked similar to Jackson's black fedora and imitated his moves. It is possible that this was Fuu, though unlikely since Fuu died possibly seconds before Nate in M02.


  • Fuu's quirky style seems to have been inspired by Michael Jackson, who was deceased well before the second movie was released.
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